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#05 Follow feature

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Follow feature configuration

The follow feature is very straight forward (as all the other features).


The new things you will notice are the User criteria and Board criteria areas.

User criteria: If you enable this, it will check the user before following;  basically the user must meet all the criteria you have set, otherwise it will not follow them.

Board criteria: The same as user criteria, but for following a board.

Queries: You can enter keywords or custom lines.

Custom lines:
/username/boards/  Follow the boards of a user.
/username/followers/  Follow the followers of a user.
/username/following/people/  Follow the users who are being followed by a user.
/username/following/boards/  Follow the boards who are being followed by a user.
/username/boardname/followers/  Follow the followers of a user's board.
/username/  Follow an individual user/pinner. This works only for usernames, and not for boards.

!Important note: an individual user will not match any criteria, it will not be filtered out. This custom line should only be used once, and when you want to explicitly follow the user (unless you've already followed them). Once you've ran the feature to follow all individual users, you should remove these custom lines from the configuration.

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