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#04 Pin feature

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Pin feature configuration

The pin feature is exactly the same as the repin feature.


The only two differences are:

  1. You may only enter keywords in the queries textbox (no custom lines).
  2. The reason is because the pin feature scrapes for images from third-party websites and not from Pinterest. This way you have more unique pictures, and higher chances of going viral. If you re-upload the same image to Pinterest, they won't like your activity and may categorize you as a botter/spammer.


"Edit queue" button

This will open a new window which allows you to manage existing pins in the queue. Here you can pre-scrape pins from an external site, but also delete pins you don't like, change descriptions or change the board onto which it will be pinned.

You can also click "import" to select images from your local computer and pin those onto your boards.


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