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#03 Repin feature

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Repin feature configuration

On the repin configuration screen you have to first check "Enabled".
This enables this feature for the selected campaign.



Timeout: This is how many seconds PinBot waits/sleeps after repinning a pin.

Repin: How many repins will be made before it stops. It will take a random number between 10 and 20 (eg. 16).

Autopilot: If this is checked, you can configure PinBot to run this feature 24/7  (autopilot).
You have to choose a time (in 24-hour format) when it starts.
In the image above it will start running at time 19:04 and run until 19:16. Once it's 19:16 it will go back into sleeping mode.
When the time on your computer is again 19:04 it will continue (or restart if maximum has been reached).

Queries per board: This is very similar to the board-mapping as on PinBot v1.0. On the repin feature you have to choose onto which boards you want to pin. For each board you can enter keywords and/or custom lines, these are saved automatically, so you can choose another board from the list and enter different keywords for that board.

If you have more than one board with keywords mapped to it, then PinBot will automatically choose random boards from the configuration to repin.

Custom lines: If you wish to repin pins from a specific user, you can do that easily, but you must respect the format.
/username/pins/  this will repin the pins from a user.
/username/boardname/  this will repin the pins from a user's board.
/pin/0123456789/  this will repin an individual pin, identified by it's pin number.

!Important note: PinBot will repin your individual pins each time you restart PinBot (clicking "run"). To stop this, you should remove the individual pin's custom line from the configuration.

Source Url's: (optional) Add your website Url's in this box. PinBot will automatically add a random source url from the list to your pins. You can configure in how many cases it should add/change the source url to one of yours. It's recommended to keep this below 50%. When a user clicks on your pin's image, they will be redirect to your URL. Do not promote direct affiliate links, that's not the right way these days.

SAVE: After you have made the changes, always click "save" before closing the window, otherwise the settings will be lost!



You can also scrape pins beforehand into the queue, by clicking on the "Edit queue" button.
Note 1: If you do not do this, PinBot will automatically scrape pins based on your settings.
Note 2: If you have scraped 5 pins, and you wish to repin between 50 and 55 pins, then PinBot will first repin the ones in the queue, and then it will start scraping for new ones and repinning them of course.

Scraping: To manually scrape for pins, you can choose between how many images you want to scrape.
If you have selected "scrape for all mapped boards", it will scrape the same amount foreach board you have configured.
But you can also manually choose which board to scrape for from the list. Then finally click "Scrape".

Editing: You can change the description and board on each pin in the grid. You can also insert your own website/url in the third textbox. If you wish to delete a pin just click "Delete". If you want to delete all the pins click "Clear all".

Promote your URL or Website: You can easily change the "Source URL" of your pin to any custom url. This can either by to one of your websites or to some other website. However, do not promote any affiliate links directly. Instead send them to your blog/website/landing page, and post your affiliate links there.


Make sure to click "Save" to save the changes.

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