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#02 Adding an account

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Adding accounts is very simple and straightforward.

On the top right click the "Add" button.


A new window will open, here you have to enter your Pinterest account's email address (not username), and the Pinterest account's password.

If you wish to use a proxy (Premium only), enter the ip address and port (eg:  123.456.789.123:86250 ).
I highly recommend using the IP-authentication method, visit your Proxy providers dashboard to enable this (and keep the User/Pass fields empty). If that's not possible, use the User/Pass-authentication method.


After clicking "Save", PinBot will try to login into your Pinterest account. If it succeeded, you can just close the window and your account will show up in the main window's list.

Setting up a campaign.


Select your account in the list and click on "Configure" on the main window.
Here you can choose a campaign. Each campaign can have different features enabled and different configurations.

Why use campaigns?
If you wish to market different niches/websites without changing the URL/keywords each time. Now you can pre-configure campaigns and then just choosing a campaign to use.

Remember: The selected campaign in the listbox will be used. PinBot does not choose a random campaign from the list.
Start with just one campaign to try out the features, once you're comfortable add the campaigns you want/need.

Then you have rectangle buttons to choose a feature to enable & configure.
In the next tutorial series we'll show you how to configure each of these features in more detail.

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