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#01 Getting started

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To download PinBot 2.0 (beta) click here


Make sure to save the .zip package on your computer (eg. your Desktop directory).


Extract the zip file first, never run PinBot from within the zip file.





Run PinBot2.exe from the extracted directory.




Some have problems running our tools due to their Administrator rights. To fix all of your problems:

  1. Right click PinBot2.exe and go to "Properties".
  2. Go to the compatibility tab and check "Run as administrator".
  3. Finally click "Apply" and "Ok".




Run PinBot2.exe

Once it has started, you will be asked to insert your License ID or continue as a trial user.
The trial version is of unlimited time, and you can purchase a Premium License at any time.
Premium users have all features enabled, while trial users only have two basic features enabled.

The License ID is sent to your inbox after purchase, make sure to check your Spam inbox as well. If you didn't receive it, or cannot find it, contact us




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