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Chances are high that your computer doesn’t have the latest version of Java.
All of our desktop tools require you to have the most recent Java version installed.

If you do not install the latest version of Java you may experience bugs and strange behavior when using any of our tools.

Another very common pitfall is when your computer has multiple versions of Java installed (including the most recent one) but it’s still using one of the older ones. To fix this, we need to uninstall all older versions.

Luckily our friends at Oracle have made the process of installing Java very easy. All you need to do is follow just a few steps and you’re ready to roll!

If you do not have any Java version installed:

Download the most recent version on this page.
You will see a page with a section like this one:


First, click the “Accept” checkbox.

Windows: Secondly download the proper .exe file. In most cases you’ll have a 64 bit version of Windows, in this case you have to download the x64 version. In the latter case, if you run a 32 bit version then download the x86 version instead. If you don’t know which version you have, have a look at this tutorial to find out.

Mac OS X:
Download the .dmg file and install that. If you still cannot run the jar file after installing it then download and install this update from Apple.

Unix / Linux:
You’ll know what to do.

You already have Java installed:

A very common issue is that the .jar file extension is not associated with Java for launching. You can easily fix this by right-clicking the .jar file you're attempting to launch, then click "open with..." and select Java.



If this didn't work for you then chances are high that your Java version is 8u101 or older. In this case, follow the steps above to download the latest version. I highly recommend you to run a tool provided by Oracle that automatically detects and uninstalls all older versions of Java. You can find out more here.

To find out which Java version you have, follow this tutorial.

Are you facing difficulties installing Java?
Try Googling your problem, chances are someone wrote a tutorial for your specific case.
If you’ve tried and nothing works, contact us and we’ll help you out :) .

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