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Software installation instructions

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This is a step-by-step guide for installing and using our software.

Most of our desktop software applications are stand-alone, this means you only have to download them and run it (no installation required). I will use one of our products (PinBot 3.0) to demonstrate the installation process. You can follow these exact steps for all other software we release.

Step 1. Download the program. This is usually one zip file which contains the software.
Make sure you save the file on your computer, preferably on your Desktop or you documents.
Do not save it in a location that requires elevated administrator rights, or it may not work properly.


Step 2. Once the download completed, right click the zip file and extract it into a directory.


Step 3. When the extraction is finished, browse the directory and you will see a Java executable file, which is your program.
In most cases you can double click the file to launch the program.


Step 4. The application launched successfully, enjoy!



Frequently Asked Questions

"The jar file type is unknown?"
"The jar file isn’t doing anything?"
"The program crashes upon loading?"

These common issues are due to Java, follow this tutorial to learn how to fix them.

For any other bugs or issues kindly contact us. Include which software is causing the issue, a detailed description of your problem and any screenshots and errors messages.

Thank you!

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