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Forum Analyzer: Official Sales Page - Purchase your license

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Get more clients and business from online forums.

Forums are free website where people discuss various topics and create a channel for us to advertise and sell our products and services.

The most legitimate and long-term strategy for marketing on forums is by establishing your forum account as an authority.
By helping and serving the community your reputation increases and more people trust you. We end up buying from those we trust the most.
To promote your products and services you can use the signature space, which is displayed beneath your forum posts.

Here’s an example of a forum post with an advertisement in the signature space:


Forum Analyzer speeds up the process of checking whether a forum allows signatures.
This is a very important tool for the digital marketers among us, because you don’t have to waste anymore time checking forums one by one.
Just load all the forum URLs you’ve found or scraped and click the “analyze” button.


Apart from determining whether signatures were found on a forum, it will also show the following metrics:

  • If any links/URLs in the signature were found.
  • If the links/URLs are dofollow or nofollow.
  • And whether any images were found in the signature space.

Forum Analyzer is the first of its kind.
It’s multi-threaded and you can choose how many simultaneous threads may be used to analyze URLs.
You can run Forum Analyzer on any operating system with a graphical user interface (Windows, Mac and Linux).


Each Forum Analyzer license can be used only on one machine at any time.
However you can transfer your license (unlimited amounts) and register it on another machine, in matter of seconds.

Included in the price

  • One license.
  • Life-time updates.
  • VIP support.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

Upcoming updates and features

  • Forums scraper (for paid only)
  • Trial version

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