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What support taught me about Conversion Rate Opimization

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One of my most important principles and personal philosophy is that professional support should be a top priority.

In the earliest of my business ventures, I discovered that most of my competitors were not providing top notch support. They only cared about how much money went into their pocket and didn't focus (as much) on post-service support.

Most of them had far more superior products and funnels. However I started from a "support first" approach. The idea was to connect to the clients without asking for any money, knowing that in the near future they will pick my products over the competition. And a few short months later this idea proved to be successful!

There's one important lesson that I learned: people are lazy as f*ck.
This means if they are given the chance to leave your website, they will. If you have a FAQ, they will not read it if it's unnecessary. They want immediate answers to their questions. Which also means they will avoid your contact form, they will ignore your email address and they would rather ask for a refund than to submit a support ticket.

How can we fix this?

It's very simple and easy. We can't stay online for 24 hours every day, but make sure you are available to them at least 8 hours each day. And use support systems that are direct:

  • Skype, ICQ, ...
  • Facebook chat
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter


Oh hell yes! I have promoted my personal Snapchat account on some of my business websites. The results were amazing, sometimes people send me snaps when they have problems or questions. It's a really great way to connect with customers in a fun way.

snapchat sample.png

How how can I organize everything?

Instead of forcing your customers to use your ticketing system, use it yourself internally. Manage your customers, don't let them manage themselves. Sometimes support tickets work well if the response time is very short and customers are happy. But for 95% of businesses out there the average response time is 12-36 hours. Do you want happier clients? Then throw away your ticketing platform.

It's much more professional to just reply your clients directly on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Skype than through some unstable non-personal medium. As soon as I see a ticketing platform I immediately get allergic to it. It's the coldest way to treat your customers. I would rather use pigeons to answer questions lol.

Be there for your visitors!

Lastly, there is a secret move you can use to amaze your customers. This is something that will work in very single niche and industry out there.

Most website visitors, when they have questions or something isn't clear, they will not bother reading your FAQ and will ignore your contact form. Luckily we can do something about that! Have you ever seen those pop-up windows in the bottom right corner of your screen when visiting certain websites? You probably know what I'm talking about, they sometimes claim 24/7 support.


These little widgets are extremely useful and have a very high success rate. One company which I vouch for is called Zopim. They are entirely free to use and work on every single type of website. All you have to do is insert one line of javascript code in the header or footer of your website and done!


Zopim is a very, very useful tool that you can use on any of your websites.

When I tried it out years ago I didn't have any expectations of it, but it totally blew my mind when I started seeing website visitors asking me questions. Even more, when you are offline, they will be able to leave offline messages and then you can send them personalized emails to answer their questions.

The real magic happens when both parties (you and the visitor) are online. You will be able to chat with them in real-time to answer their wildest questions and assist them through every step of the sales process.

My success story is only a fraction of everyone else. I have literally gained hundreds of customers thanks to Zopim.

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