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HOW does Clicktrait really work?

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You may be wondering how does this wonderful and complex system make it look so easy? What is the technology behind Clicktrait? The truth is that it really is that simple! Let me demonstrate how all the parts fit together.

Let's start with the end result, what your website visitors see.

Each time someone new comes to your website they will be presented with a random "group" from your active A/B testing campaign. The distribution is completely random (not round-robin).

Here's an example of a simple A/B test for the headline. We are testing the word "seconds" versus "Minutes". And our Call-To-Action (CTA) is the green button. We are investigating which headline will get us the most clicks.


Each visitor will be presented with either the original or a custom version of the headline. Clicktrait's technology will dynamically change this headline on your website right before the website is loaded. This is why you need to add the one line <script> code in the header or footer of your website. That script will load Clicktrait's special code on your website's page to make this possible.

This is the campaign configuration used for the A/B tests above:


Furthermore, the presented version of the headline is remembered. The next time that same visitor comes back to the same page, will always see the same version of the headline. This prevents confusion for your visitors. The information is stored in their browser's cookies. This also means that if they clear their cookies or use another computer to visit your website, they are highly likely to see yet another version/group.

Clicktrait's code will work as long as the campaign is active in your dashboard. You may at any point of time pause the campaign -- in this case the default website is presented.

That same special piece of code will track clicks on your CTA, which is the green button. Each time a user clicks somewhere on your page, it will report this to our server. All of this data is safely stored on our cloud.


You can see the clicks users made on your pages by viewing the heat maps (image below). And most importantly are the click-rate maps (image above)


Another useful feature we've added are the screenshots. Once you start your campaign, our system will soon visit your website to make screenshots of how each group looks like. It's a great thing to have so you can look back and learn from your past experiences.

I hope this article has helped you better understand what Clicktrait does :)

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