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How to get attention in marketing

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There's one important thing someone reminded me of recently.


You should be selling a feeling, not a product.

This is such an important statement. It's so crucial in today's world where there is an enormous battle going on for attention. Every company is competing for that same spotlight. But only a few will be legendary and establish a legacy.

Selling is an art that has been around since like, ever... And until now selling has always been about feelings and emotions, especially in B2C environments. Because people like to buy from people that they like, people that they can relate to, people that they can trust. This is basic human nature, we enjoy giving someone money for a product or a service if they make us feel like king or queen.

In today's digital economy the game hasn't changed at all. But I see too many companies making the mistake of promoting technical benefits and boring product related data instead of the most important thing to us, a feeling, a sense of happiness and worthiness.

I personally love paying money to companies that make me feel good when I'm on their website. Who are able to make me smile when I see something funny, cool and creative! One wonderful example of a Saas company that does that is MailChimp. If you have used MailChimp then you'll definitely know what I'm talking about!

I admit that it's not easy to create a certain virtual environment and culture that people can easily relate to. Something that they can tap into and start feeling something for your culture. It's definitely not easy to make a culture work and resonate with the website visitor. But it is something we should work on continuously. For this exact process, A/B testing will perform miracles. We can use early A/B tests to create hypotheses about the mascots we present on our websites, the images that we use, the themes that we establish. Luckily we can track all of that data, analyze it and look at the heatmaps to see which theme based culture is giving us the best results. And from that point on we continue growing into a certain direction.

Too many start-up projects are either empty, have no soul, no emotion. And some are just random combinations of things they've picked up from other websites. They are not unique creations. And I'm not talking about a unique design, you may definitely use templates for your design process -- but what I'm referring to is the uniqueness of the culture we establish. A culture is the combination of colors, photos, graphics, animations and more.

When you analyze big successful brands, you will realize that they are not selling products, they sell feelings. We buy from them because of a certain way they make us feel through smart marketing tactics. Have a look at Coca Cola's example:


Each time I see a Coca Cola vending machine, I can't stop thinking about all their ads and "open happiness" statements. It's like they are telling me to buy, they are giving me instructions on how to have a good day. It's like a promise being made that I will be happy if I buy that bottle.

Luckily we don't need to sell soda or have our own designer shoes to have a successful business. We can apply these same principles through our website and marketing endeavors.

Give me some practical steps?

  • Sell them on a bigger-than-life dream. Use luxury and rich lifestyles to get their attention, make them feel good about their future.
  • If you're targeting parents with children, then show pictures of kids and things from their world that make them feel good.
  • If you're selling "boring" software, then sell them on the idea of how much easier their life will be. That they can operate their business lying on an exotic beach.
  • If you sell B2B software then show a positive, healthy & happy business environment of people working together and having fun.

These are very simpl but oh-so powerful marketing methods. The next time when you are re-designing your website, don't ask the question which benefits/features/options to add, but instead think of which picture to add.

One picture can do more work for you than 1000 words will ever be able to.

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