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Installing Clicktrait on WordPress

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There are many ways to integrate Clicktrait into your WordPress website. Luckily it's a piece of cake to do that!

If you wish to test only some pages or posts on your WordPress site, then you can easily add the necessary Javascript snippet into the "Text" editor field:


On the screenshot above, I've added the Clicktrait's Javascript snippet into the "Text" box of a specific post. Now I can setup A/B testing campaigns for all the elements that are available on that page, using Clicktrait's dashboard of course.

But if you are about to test many pages, or your entire website, then it would be much easier to install a plugin that will automatically add this Javascript snippet in the header/footer of all pages and posts, even on your homepage. There are many good plugins to use, here is one of them.

If anyone is having troubles or problems running Clicktrait on their WordPress site then kindly let me know so I can figure it out.

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2 hours ago, shimon said:

So no need to add special code to every page? I mean that the j.script is same to all pages?



The javascript code is everywhere the same, you don't need to mess around with it. You only have to include it on every page you wish to test, or on all pages for convenience's sake. :)

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