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What day of the week do most people buy online?

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This is a simple case study based on my own experience.

It's a simple but very powerful analysis based on two different digital (software) products that were being sold in the past. In total there have been 715 items sold. This can be seen on the screenshot below.

But most importantly we clearly see on which days of the week the most sales took place. This information allows me to optimize my work, now I know exactly when it's the best time to send out newsletters and announce new features or products.


The most favorite days for people to buy are Tuesdays and Saturdays. But why? It's a very complex question and problem to solve, so let's simplify it:

  • Tuesdays are good because they didn't have time on Monday or because on Monday they've been overloaded with work, newsletters from other people and they were in an angry state of mind because weekend was over. On Tuesday they are pissed off that Monday was horrible and decide (by buying) to change their life and business.
  • Saturdays: they had a great Friday night and want to improve their life so they buy into new things more easily.
  • Mondays are on average very good as well. Because on Monday, the more positive part of the customers tends to buy.

In the screenshot above, I've included the MYSQL code, so you can run the same test on your data, if you have it stored in a SQL database. Let me know your experiences and results so we can compare and understand our customers better.

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