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Win over your client, part 1

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This is the first part of "how to win over a client".

In these tutorial series I'll show simple but powerful tricks you can use to amaze your clients, win their trust and be seen as an expert instantly. Let's get started!

Time is money, and if you're a web designer or doing web design related work, then you know how much time it takes to prepare a portfolio, perfecting details and create something unique. One thing that many web designers don't know about, or simply ignore is the power of the "Web developer" tools in FireFox or Chrome.

How does it work?

To open the Web Developer in FireFox and Chrome, hit the F12 key.

Take a look at the screenshot below. You will see clearly how it works. We can dynamically select elements on our page, and at the bottom right it will display all CSS properties for that element. While the left box shows our HTML code.

Once we have clicked on our desired element, we can add, remove or change CSS code and it will dynamically be applied to our page. These changes are local and only you can see them, don't think you're trying to hack a website. Unless you're selling white hat hacking services and trying to impress a client that way (lol).

developer demo.png

Why Web Developer is SUPER COOL

  • Instantly change HTML elements on a specific page.
  • Instantly change CSS code for specific elements.
  • No need to download the website to edit it.
  • You can make screenshots.
  • It saves a lot of time debugging and trying out CSS properties.
  • It helps us speed up our work with A/B testing.

Use the Web Developer for A/B testing

You can easily prepare different A/B versions by playing around with the CSS properties in Web Developer. And then on Clicktrait's dashboard you can do the same, but add those CSS properties in the 'style' attribute of your HTML element. Here is an example:

style attr demo.png


Next time when you go and visit a client, impress them easily by using this simple trick to show what you mean. If you'd like to show them how you can improve their CTA then do so using the Web Developer.

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