Simple tips to improve your contact form conversion rate

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A lot of business related and B2B websites aren't the eCommerce genre, they rely on customer inquiries through their contact form, direct mail or phone conversions.

Even though these websites are usually very simplistic they should definitely be optimized for contact form conversions. If your business relies on customers calling you, it's very important that your phone number is clearly visible on every single page, because that is your ticket for a new  sale, it's your primary call-to-action. The same goes for a link to your contact form page.

Let's have a look at the following website and see how we can create really good A/B tests to optimize its contact form conversion rate.


Just as we expected, the "contact us" link in the navigation isn't standing out, even though that's their primary CTA. Luckily we can easily fix that by changing the color or font size:


Now the contact link catches the visitor's attention at first impression, it's much better than the original version. However, it's always a good thing to have an even better version:


Now the contact link looks like a button and not just a link. It's screaming to be clicked, and it will be! We may never determine which of these 3 versions will be the successful one without testing it.

Now you can, and you should, apply this principle to your own website(s). Using Clicktrait's A/B tool you can have this setup in less than 5 minutes. And once you've ran the test you should have a dramatic increase in your conversion rate. Just five minutes of your time to have more sales, that's what I call amazing ROI.

Here's another example: testing and tracking phone calls.

It is a less accurate measurement but will definitely work! What we do is create multiple A/B tests for a phone number or elements surrounding the phone number, to make it stand out on the website. Once we have done that, we have to choose our CTA, which will be the phone number text itself. We are going to track how many people click on the phone number text. This isn't something every single visitor does, but some definitely highlight or try to copy the phone number, which will be tracked and recorded by Clicktrait as an action to the CTA.

Here's an example of the original page:


We then can try something creative  by changing the background color of the box into yellow for instance:


This may have a psychological effect on our visitors and they may be more persuaded to call the number. We can also play around with the font size or even the font type for the phone number. I have seen examples of websites, which I won't mention, that have terrible font types and too small font sizes. These small but crucial details have lead me to abandon their website and go with their better-converting competitors instead.


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