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#04 Become an affiliate

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Click on Affiliates in the navigation menu. This will take you to the application page.


Fill this application in with as much information about yourself and how you'll promote Clicktrait. Once you've submitted your application it will take us 1-2 days to review and reply to it.

If your application got accepted then you'll receive an affiliate link. People must click on that specific link once in order for you to receive a % of what they've bought. You can find this link on the "Affiliates" page in the "Your details" section. There you also have to fill in your Paypal email so we can give you your fair share.


You'll also see a summary of how you're doing so far.


Total revenue: Money you've earned so far.

Total PRO sign-ups: Number of people that signed up for PRO.

Total clicks: Number of people that've clicked on your affiliate URL.

Total free sign-ups: Number of people that signed up to Clicktrait.

Total payments received: Amount of money we have sent you.

Refunds: Number of people that asked for a refund. (when someone asks for a refund, the amount is subtracted from total revenue)

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