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How-to optimize your eCommerce website

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Hi guys,

In this tutorial I'll briefly show you exactly how to optimize your online store or eCommerce website, so that you can start making more sales with minimal effort. This is a core concept of Conversion rate optimization, so let's get started.

Suppose you have a certain product that gets quite a lot of views but not enough sales. There could be a few things that are bothering users and holding them back from buying it:

  • Product description doesn't resonate with them.
  • The product images don't attract.
  • It could be the title of your product.
  • Or maybe it's just the text on your buy button.

We can create individual A/B campaigns for each of these hypotheses or create a single multivariate campaign where we test all of these points.

Here is an example of a product page I'll be using for this tutorial:



The first thing I'd like to do on this store is test the button (ADD TO BAG). And there are many things we can test:

  • We can test the color
  • The size
  • The font type
  • The text on the button
  • etc...

But let's start with finding a good text for the button that put our visitors into "buy" mode. In Clicktrait I have created a new campaign called "A" and added one A/B test with 2 versions:

Version 1 (=group) has the text: "Add to Cart", version 2 has the text: "+Cart", and of course the original version is test automatically. Finally the button is our CTA (Call-To-Action), so we define that by right-clicking on it. This means that Clicktrait will record and store all the clicks performed on our button (the CTA) for each different group/variation that will be displayed to our visitors.


After a few days we already have some data. At this stage we only had ±100 visitors per variation, it's not statistically significant yet, but we can already see a pattern in the data:


These results aren't fully reliable just yet, simply because we only tested about 300 users. It is recommended to keep testing until we reach 3000 visitors in our case, before making any valid conclusions. There could have been some anomalies in the data which made version 2 more successful than version 1 and the original, but we don't know that for sure.

In the next tutorial I'll show you how to setup MultiVariate campaigns and test multiple elements at a time, for instance the color, text and size of our button.

Stay tuned!



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1 hour ago, markxvi said:

Where are the 35 Optimisation Tips. 


The "35" you see in the URL means it is the 35th post on the forum. This has nothing to do with the content itself.

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