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On how many pages can I use Clicktrait?

Members in the free plan can only add two pages to Clicktrait.

PRO members are able to add an unlimited amount of pages.


How many campaigns can I make?

FREE and PRO members can create an unlimited amount of campaigns per page


How many visitors does Clicktrait analyze?

Members in the free plan can only analyze and track 100 visitors per group.

PRO members can analyze and track to 1000 visitors per group.


Where is the campaign page?

When you’ve added a page to “My pages”, simply click on a link.


Are there any requirements for Clicktrait?

You must be able to add the javascript code and to add javascript code you'll either need FTP access to your website if it's custom made. You need a very basic knowledge of HTML code. And your website needs to have sufficient amount of traffic in order to work efficiently.


Do I get VIP forum access when using Clicktrait's 30-day PRO trial?

No, you will not have VIP access. You may at any point during your trial upgrade to full trial by making a payment.


I am PRO, how do I get VIP access?

Contact us by email, Skype or send us a message on this forum and include your forum name, we will verify and upgrade you to VIP status.


What happens to my VIP status if I cancel Clicktrait PRO plan?

Your account will remain on VIP, you will not be downgraded. This policy may change in the future, but right now you can enjoy such a luxury.


How do I choose on my page what I want to test?

In the editor you’ll see your page. There you can choose your elements.

Left-click to select an A/B element, right-click for CTA.


How do I keep track of my campaign?

On the campaign page you’ll find underneath “Actions” the option to “analyze campaign” (Green background with white circle graphic)


I'm using a CMS like wordpress, am I able to use Clicktrait?

Yes, use this plugin to add custom JS code. Plugin page


Will Clicktrait's javascript code slow down my website?

No it won't because it loads asynchronously. The total loading time will increase a few milliseconds, but that's not a big deal.


May I purchase Clicktrait PRO and use it for our entire organization?

As long as you are the sole person working on it at any given point in time, then yes. But it won't work for multiple users simultaneously using one account.



How can I cancel my pre-approved payments?

You’ll have to change your subscription through your payment processor. In most cases this is PayPal account which we would like to refer you to this: Cancel subscription through PayPal


If I cancel my PRO subscription midway, will I lose it?

No, the subscription expires 30 days after purchasing, so you will still enjoy all its perks until the end of your term, then your account will be on the free plan.


Will my camapigns / websites be deleted if I downgrade?

No they be hidden and only the two most recent ones will be displayed.




Where can I ask questions that I wouldn’t like to share on the forum?

Drop us an email at, please do include your name. Or reach out to the head of Clicktrait, ILYA Nevolin on Skype (id: healthchants)

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