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Case study: A/B testing simple headlines

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This was my favorite and most recent test, with some great marketing aspects to it!

We all know and agree to a certain point that content is king. Having a good sales copy is so important, because if a product doesn’t sell, well, no cash flow can happen.

In this post I’ll cover an AB test based on a single headline. I’ve started started this test back in early 2015 for PinBot 2.0 and now I’m running a similar test for the latest PinBot 3.0 sales page. I am not testing entirely different headlines, but just changing ONE word, the results are truly remarkable, let’s look at the headlines first:

1) The original headline says “Triple your sales”


2) The second variation scaled the hype  down to realism with “double your sales”.


3) The third one takes away the hype, we do need bad variations (based on our opinion) to compare the others to.


Before testing, I was naive and firmly believing that the first version “triple your sales” was the big hit! I mean, who wouldn’t want to triple their sales using a marketing software, right? Well, reality turned out to be quite the opposite:


You might have seen it coming, “Double your sales” is the winner of the game.  “Grow your sales” came in second place.

“Triple your sales” is the loser, what’s wrong with people lol.

Conclusion: It looks like people love sticking to the hard reality, it’s much harder to believe that you can triple your sales than to double your sales; But from a statistical perspective the chances of losing are equally high, so why not just aim for the highest reward ;)

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