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Seeking a successor for my business, will it be you?

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I have some very important news regarding my services (InstaQ, PinBot, YTR) and related support. As I have been given the opportunity to transition into a different business and industry; in the coming few weeks I will be finalizing my services towards these projects.

Some of you have experienced a major drop in customer support from my part, for which I apologize. I believe it makes much more sense to find a successor to take over my operations and improve the business.

* Some time ago I have listed the PinBot business for sale here:
* I am also putting my 50% share for sale in the InstaQ project. The other 50% belongs to a co-developer, he's a nice and hard-working junior Java dev.
* I am selling

I am only going to sell my businesses to person who I believe has what it takes to make the business grow and improve the quality & customer satisfaction greatly. If you are that person, or you know someone who can, then get in touch with me.

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