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Case study: A/B testing JVZoo buy buttons

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In this post I’ll show you the impact of a simple buy button on your sales.

The past three months I’ve been testing the buy button on my PinBot’s sales page. For those who don’t know about PinBot: it’s a Pinterest automation software that was released back in 2013 and we keep supporting it.

If you’re familiar with JVZoo’s system then you certainly know that they have many buy buttons for us to choose from, so why the heck not test and see which one is the best right!? There are more than ten buttons to choose from so we cannot test all of them at once, I chose three “best” looking ones, based on my opinion.

The screenshots and results were based on a 3 month long test run (it was  done on the PinBot 2.0 sales page). There were about 13,000 users involved in the test, of course they didn’t notice a single thing. Now let us look at how the three variations:

1. Okay, here we have the original variation, a simple clean white “buy” button provided by JVZoo. Looks good right?


2. The second one isn’t bad either, but in my opinion the first one blends in better with the sales page.


3. The third one stands out because of its dark color, definitely not my favorite choice.



Now, what did the results reveal:



The third variation performed the best! Oh my god, seriously?  The second variation came in as the second best one, gosh… My favorite one was the worst :(

Thanks to my bad opinion I have left a lot of money on the table last year. If I did the testing much more sooner then I would probably have made 10% more in sales every month. In this specific case that meant an additional $1,000-2,000 per month, or $18,000 extra in 2015.

My two cents: don’t postpone the testing, start it right now! Your “opinion” doesn’t mean a damn thing, you have to test and let the market make the decisions of what looks good or doesn’t.

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