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Case study: A/B testing greetings

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For the PinBot 3.0 sales page I’ve ordered a sales copy from a copywriter whose name I am not going to mention. The overall text was fine, but one thing really bothered me and that was the introduction / greeting line. The page started with his line “Intelligent marketer, “. This sounds so 2006, doesn’t it?

Well, I wasted no time in arguing but went ahead and setup an A/B test for it.

Variation #1 with the original greeting “Intelligent Marketer, ” received only 13.3% of the clicks:


The second variation started with “Hi there!” and did a great job:


But my all time favorite is to be as personal as I can with readers, just be casual. And as you see, it paid off:



There is almost no difference in results between version 2 and 3 so both work.
A simple click rate increase of just 2% can result in more than 20 sales on a sample of 1000 visitors. Well worth it!

It has also been my experience in A/B testing emails (newsletters) and the very same pattern occurred. Emails with a personal greeting, preferably by their first name, have a much higher action rate than ordinary and boring greetings.

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