How to become a CRO expert

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The best way to skyrocket your sales, in almost any industry is by positioning yourself as an expert from day one.

Because think about it, would you rather pay an expert or an amateur? Obvious… Okay this tutorial is crafted to guide the ultimate beginner from zero to guru level. If you already run a successful web design or SEO agency, it can still be a worthwhile read.


Be the expert.

How do you go about realizing this? Well first of all, learn from the other so claimed experts in the CRO industry, these include companies such as Optimizely or individuals such as Peep Laja (just Google them). They have very big blogs with terrific content to learn from (all for free).

You need to have a basic understanding of CRO: how it works and what’s most important. It’s not a good strategy to educate yourself in math, complex statistics and big data mining algorithms — let Clicktrait handle that goofy stuff for you. Instead you need to know what makes people hyped about CRO… the money and the sales of course. Your client speaks only one language and that is “how much will I make?” All you need to do is to make a good and realistic claim (aka forecast) of their sales growth and back that with data.

If your client has a terrible checkout page, just by looking at it, and if there are “trust us” and “SSL” emblems missing on the checkout page; well guess what… the visitors won’t trust the website and exit before purchasing. Thanks to simple A/B testing you can discover whether adding these small details into the website will result in a higher conversion rate (most likely they will, but test it anyway).

Cooperate with others.

Next up, you’ll need case studies — a portfolio of what you are capable of offering your clients.

If you’re a beginner in business in general, you probably don’t have (m)any clients; your only option would be to be creative and craft case studies, although this can mislead people and not very ethical (but ethics are up to you). Secondly, my preferred method is to get in touch with other individuals or companies and do some free CRO for their clients. Just a few simple A/B or MV tests over a period of a couple weeks. You can use this experience and create several amazing case studies that will make your clients begging for your services.

Let’s rehearse: you need case studies BECAUSE you cannot sell something to someone if they don’t know you, if they don’t trust you and don’t know what you can do for them.

Grow a pair.

For newbies it’s a crazy idea to offer services at require minimal work and ask $500 per month. Some people would call me crazy when I advise them to do this. But it’s the best way of starting out.


  1. Do quality work for free to grow your network, get your brand known etc…
  2. Or ask a lot of money because people relate a high price to high quality.

If you were going to ask them $50 per month and guarantee to double their sales, they are going to laugh in your face and shut the door. But if you ask $500, which is still PEANUTS to them, and you are actually INCREASING their sales; which reasonable business owner won’t take this deal — unless you’re just trying to scam them (please don’t).

The biggest issue here is daring to ask a high price and not being discouraged when the door is being slammed in your face. Just move on and try another prospect. If you want to do quality work for 50 bucks, well fine it’s your life… I won’t judge you. But take my advice that the higher your price, the more value/quality your product seems to have.

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