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Can someone tell me how autopilot working ?

How to set up time? this is important becouse i dont undestand.

If i set 00:00 to 23:59 what that mean?



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Hi @ivan,

The autopilot feature has been updated however the tutorials have not been updated, until now.

This is an excerpt from the tutorial:


If you are going to use the autopilot feature then you have to configure the X and Y time values when the Autopilot should start every day. PinBot's autopilot algorithm will determine a random time between X and Y (inclusive) when to start. The autopilot can only start working if it is enabled explicitly, the configuration itself does not enable autopilot but only configures the X and Y times (in hh:mm format).

Here's an example:


As seen on this image, the X and Y are defined as: 19:00 and 19:30

Each day (every time you enable autopilot mode), PinBot's algorithm will take a random value within the range, e.g.: 19:15.
Then, it will wait until it is exactly 19:15 on your local computer (where PinBot is running).
So it is possible that PinBot will not start if it's already 19:16 -- but you are able to detect if it started working by peeking at the "Main" viewer.

The autopilot will keep working until the daily limits are reached, or until nothing more can be scraped. Then it waits for the next day and yet determines a new random time (between X and Y) to start working again.

InstaQ, a software very similar to PinBotAI has just been updated with new tutorials, including animated GIFs -- check out those tutorials for more detailed information about the inner workings: http://forum.healzer.com/topic/243-02-account-configuration/




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