How many accounts per one instance of PinbotAI

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Hi, can you please give me some recommendations on how many pinterest accounts is good to have running in one instance of PinbotAI as a maxium so that it responds efficiently? Or also for some other reasons that I might not know about till now?

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Some users are running +50 accounts per instance, however I personally recommend no more than 20 accounts per instance.
The reason is that each instance (by Java's default) has 512mb of memory reserved. One needs to apply a few tricks to circumvent this restriction.

In the end, that's my personal opinion of course, running more than 10 accounts per instance can become burdensome and induce lag and unforeseen bugs.

Fortunately you can run as many instances on your machine as your memory can handle. You just have to duplicate the PinBot directory for each instance -- each instance/folder has its own database with accounts, so do not mix them up. You don't want to run the same account on two instances at the same time (= ban).

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