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I have an online shop that was very successful, but since I did work at finding my own traffic sources, the organic traffic dried up due to intense competition. 

My initial plan was to use influencers but someone with more experience told me that they don't convert well for jewelry, which is my niche.

So now I want to try and get traffic from Pinterest group boards but I am still confused as to how I can achieve that with Pinbot.

I have my own account and can create perhaps 3 more accounts in the name of family or friends.

- Can I reasonably hope to join and post on hundreds of group boards (let say 1000) with pinbot using 4 or 5 accounts?

- Will I have to rent and use proxies if I want to connect via 5 different accounts?

- Am I going to get banned if 5 different accounts are posting the same contents on different group boards?

- In your experience, is it possible/worth it to buy invites on Fiverr, to speed up the process?

- Should I avoid joining group boards from my main/brand account, to avoid getting banned, or is it OK?

Thanks for your advice

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Hi mate,

Before going to answer your questions, I am a firm believer of Quality content, hard work and patience.
This means I don't like to have more than 5 accounts (I had tried it in the past). The best method, in my personal opinion, is all about having 1-3 very solid/authority accounts.
This way you can be laser focused on just these accounts with a very small risk of losing them. Coz' if you run more than 5 accounts, you'll be dealing with bans very often (and it'll make you very sad).
Having 1 account with over 100k real followers is so much better than having 100 accounts of just 1000 followers each.

Allow me to address your questions now:
- You can use PinBotAI to automate pins & repins onto boards / group boards, yes.
- If you are using more than 3 accounts, then each account should have a dedicated private proxy.
- Not sure, but possibly yes.
- Never tried it, and I don't trust it. If you wish to buy invites, you can just social engineer and negotiation with people via Pinterest's private chat.
- That's okay, just make sure you leave no footprints or create some circular links which reveal your intentions.

Hope this helps :)

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