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How can Clicktrait help me?

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I got an email last day claiming to increase my conversion rate. That's how I found Clicktrait.

About me: I run a fashion e-commerce store in Australia and looking to get more sales; but I don't have a big budget to redesign the entire site.

Can Clicktrait help me? If so, what can I do? I am not very good with programming nor photoshop.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Strongliquor!

You don't need a budget or be good at programming or photoshop to get the best out of Clicktrait!

Your conversion rate is not only based on pictures. Changing a word could have a big effect on your conversion rate!


For example changing your title of your page could make a difference:

"Buy these beautiful clothes!" to "Buy these amazing clothes!" 

Set a campaign and you'll find out what gives you more clients!

This method works for colors, fonts,... on your website


No budget or skills needed!

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