My bots pinning each others stuff

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I feel that if my accounts all follow each other and pin stuff from the same boards it may seem suspicious to Pinterest.

What is your experience with this? Do you keep all accounts isolated, or use them to kickstart a pin going viral etc.?


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Hey :)

That is suspicious as f*ck, indeed.

I don't do that, only for promotion pins (once in a while).
I tend to keep all my accounts (only 3 right now) as natural as possible.
All I do is make sure they behave like real users/people.

If you want your pins to go viral:

  • Make sure the pins are great -- nobody likes spam/bullsh*t.
  • Make sure you have many followers (at least 10k)
  • Make sure you are giving something of value to the world (and your followers).
  • My preferred way of going viral is to let my followers (and board contributors) to do all the hard work -- if you're serious, you should consider building relationships with your followers.
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