How to make delay between the Uploads?

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Hey :)

The delay is determined by the configuration settings.
Right now we don't have a InstaQ tutorial ready yet, but PinBotAI has a very similar interface and it explains how it works:

Let me know if this was helpful :)

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Something is not right I think. I put settings like this: and went to sleep, when I woke up I saw this:  and when I opened the bot I saw the settings has been changed to this:  and yet the 1000 seconds are false, because the bot posted all the pictures in a matter of minutes. The same thing happened on one of my main accounts: (29+ posts -264 followers)

So I thought I need to preorder the software and I did, thinking the free version have some bugs. But thats not the case :D

Can you help me here, please ? I wan't bot to post every 2 hours~ How can I do that ? Is it possible ?


P.S. I have suggestion that many, many people who are really into this IG train will be happy to have. So first little background:

I have network of accounts, total 5m followers in pet niche. I MUST post on every account, every day, no matter holiday or not, 365 days of the year. I have 7 accounts, posting at least 3 times a day. I also work as a chef and I use my breaks to post, not to rest. Also before work, after work, before go to bed. Don't get me wrong - it worth :D but my life will be easier. I bought this bot for one purpose - to post, I don't need like, follow/unfollow, I passed the growing part. I've been using followliker+imristo scraper to setup  a month of auto-posting on my accounts - tremendous work.... not worth it. So here's what will be very, very useful and gonna make your bot #1 ( means huge sales - $$$$$$ ) because if you can save peoples time, they gonna buy it.


So, here's what I suggest:

At the moment bot scrape image by queries and it show you the results. I can change my caption. But here's something important every big fish needs to follow - give credit back so I need to pick images from my competitors. And not just from any competitor, I need to pick accounts that are lower than me ( because if i take pics from accounts in 1m+ range, many people already saw this same pic and my engagement won't reach explore page - not good ) so... I need pics not many people saw and here's how it needs to work if you are asking me:

Bot scrape and show you the pics the same way as now - it's awesome! It also have the caption copied - even more awesome! Needs two more functions:

1 - So as the image shows this option will add the user in the caption with words like "From @user, By @user, Credit @user,.." 

2 - Option to replace all the captions in one go ( and in the same time keep the Credit @user in the caption )


Image is attached below. Quite a long post :D Please take a look. My skype: vristo1 if you want to discuss further something with me.


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I have 10 more ideas, but I only look at this from my own tower and the rest of the functions I have in mind will be useful only to people who have at least one big account. The % of the people who have big accounts is very low compared to the % of people who are just starting. Being a marketer tells me this is not a good time investment, because your goal is to reach the mass, not the small % of people. The 2 suggestions in my previous post are good for newbies and pros and there is no software that offers this. And here's my offer:

If you do this, I promise to make a step by step ebook on how to grow account using your software, every tiny secret I know (been in IG for 5 years and marketer from 10 years, I've tested everything but the porn niche... I mean everything: adsense, seo, cpa, affiliate, dropship, kdp amazon (yes, I have my own ebooks :D:D:D despite the bad english I know the ways ), I even found a way to cheat google algo. and rank my articles on top fore few days before they ban me from wonderland... churn and burn method, but I've invented it and still works, cuz never shared it... The e-book will be amazing, you just gonna spend time OR some money for redaction, you see my english suck. The e-book can go like a bonus with your bot. I will never offer something like this if I don't see potential. 



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Thank you for your suggestions.

There is clearly something very odd with InstaQ on your side, looking at the screenshots.
Are you sure you have only one installation and only one tool running with your account?
In InstaQ, under the account menu, there is "statistics" option, could you check the number of uploads it shows there for the day there was a spike?

If everything is "okay" from your perspective, but this issue is not solved, is it possible to chat with you on Skype?
My Skype ID is "healthchants", I can also use TeamViewer / Chrome Remote Desktop to investigate the problem on your side.

Finally, I would highly encourage you to update your Java  version to the latest edition: It happens quite often that an oudated Java version causes bugs.


I highly thank you for your recommendations & suggestions. I have written them down and will definitely implement them in the near future, I will hold you on your word for writing that ebook ;)
Right now it's not possible to let InstaQ upload an X amount of images every 2 hours (where X=1 in your case). Right now InstaQ runs an X amount of activities based on the green slices on the "main viewer" screen. If you have all timeouts set to 1000-1000 ; then each green slice should only generate one (X=1) upload, which I've tested just now. So I'm really mind boggled, why InstaQ did a lot more on your side and secondly why the configuration/settings changed.
The only way configurations can change, is when you explicitly make changes yourself using the configuration screen (and clicking the save button)... I hope we can dig to the root of this problem quick :)

Have a great day mate!

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