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The future of PinBot 3.0

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Today we've officially released PinBotAI (v4.0) :)

All PinBot 3.0 Premium users can use their same license id(s) to active Premium on PinBotAI - no additional fees/costs!

Account export/import
In the coming 1-2 weeks we shall add the option to export all your accounts+settings from PinBot 3.0 and a feature to import them into PinBotAI. Import your PinBot 3.0 accounts into PinBotAI:

Future & updates
We would highly encourage all users to start migrating to PinBotAI as times passes by.
We estimate to keep PinBot 3.0 updated and free of major bugs until the end of summer 2017 (Aug. / Sep.) - afterwards it will no longer be supported and shutdown.


If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask them below.
Have a great day!


Sales page:

Affiliate program:

PinBotAI subforum:

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