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How much can I earn from Pinterest?

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Almost every single day I get an email from someone asking me these questions:

  • Is it still possible to earn money from Pinterest?
  • Do your methods still work in 2016?
  • How much can I earn from Pinterest?
  • How long will it take to earn $10/day or $50/day ?
  • How long will it take to get 10000 followers?
  • ...

Instead of answering all these emails individually, it's time to create an official post and answer these questions once and for all.


Q: Is it possible to earn money from Pinterest?

A: Yes. Pinterest is a social media platform, primarily used for sharing images and hobbies. You must understand that Pinterest is not Facebook, it is not Twitter and it is not email. People on Pinterest don't want to see your products; they don't want to see your coupons, discounts, special offers, etc.

People use Pinterest to have fun, do what they love, look at pictures that inspire them and look for ideas. Usually when they see something they like (for their house, pets, kids or themselves) they enter a stage called "buy-mode". So they start doing a little bit more research in what they've found and start looking for their credit cards once they land on a website. But if your Pinterest boards and pins are plain boring product images; then they will leave your profile in an instant - this means that 90% of you are just losing money because you don't know the rules of the game.

The game is called "giving value". Do you enjoy watching TV commercials with just boring fashion models and clothes being displayed? NO! We want to see sexy people, nice cars, happy people or a "perfect" solution for a problem. So this means Spam doesn't work; unless your spam is great and that's what's PinBot is for. We use automation tools to speed up the growth process using quality images. You can pre-scrape images and then repin them - quality is achieved by manually filtering out bad/ugly images from your queue for instance.

Q: Do your methods still work in 2016?

A: Yes. Just as explained above. The methods used by me, and other successful people, are generic. What I mean is that they can be applied on almost any social media platform. It's all about knowing the rules of a platform and doing quality work. These methods will always work, and will NEVER EVER be saturated. The reason is simple: most people are too lazy to do good work, that's why I'll never be worried about competition.

The reason most of you don't earn any money from Pinterest is because you're chasing pennies and not focusing on your market. How many times did you manually PM'd one of your followers and asked them how they are doing -- and then taken 10 minutes just to talk to them to find out why they use Pinterest.

You, as a brand, can have a tremendous impact on your audience. There aren't many brands or companies taking the time to COMMUNICATE with their audience on social media. Most are too busy chasing money and ignore their most important asset: people.

Q: How much can I earn from Pinterest?

A: From spamming with 100 accounts? Well you could get up to $100/day, and the next month your accounts could all be banned -- you can earn money quickly and then lose it even faster -- even though these days doing spam is hard as hell on Pinterest (so don't take that route). Eventually you can potentially earn $5000 in total from your accounts.

If you establish one good account, and in less than a year you will be earning $100/day for the next 5 years. Here your potential is to earn $182,500.- in total from just one account.

Also don't see your account as "just an account" - your account is your brand, it's your business. Your account IS your business, you should WORK it to make it earn money. It WILL earn you money ONLY when you start working on it. It won't be easy, but it's very simple. All you have to do is attract followers by sharing beautiful images - how hard can that be lol? You don't have to call people and ask them to follow you, so stop bitching about how "hard" it is, it's never been easier thanks to technology!

Q: How long will it take to earn $10/day or $50/day ?

A: This is a very popular question. You must understand and accept the fact that success can come through luck. Some people have accounts that just went viral (like mine) because they got into the game early on. Nowadays it's harder to go viral. That's just what it is, but don't cry about it. You don't need to make a million dollars from Pinterest, you'll probably never make that much. But you can easily focus on making $2000-$4000 per month realistically.

Unless you're lucky, don't expect to get to $100/day in your first 2 months. It didn't happen for me that fast either. My first two months were about $1-5/day; but I wasn't very serious either, I was just playing around and testing out the market back then. Then at a certain point I was able to scale it up to $10 day just by doing a little bit more work and focusing on creating more boards and pinning twice as much than I did before. As the followers grew in the following months, I was at $50/day.

What worked for me will not work for you. Your life is not my life and vice versa. The only way you can know how fast you'll be able to earn your first dollar from Pinterest, depends on how fast you finish reading this tutorial and start working on your account(s).

Q: How long will it take to get 10,000 followers?

A: The answer to this question is the same as the previous one. Are you able to make friends out of strangers by selling them crap? No... nobody likes a salesman. People like people. And once in a while you can put in an offer or product you want to sell. Especially when you're just starting out, don't focus on making a great website first, but instead grow your followers first. Without your followers you won't have traffic, without traffic your website is useless.

Remember: Pinterest is not Twitter. The game is different: you can't just follow and unfollow people and get high ROI followers. More than 50% of your followers will probably be fake accounts ran by bots. So don't focus on "creating" more followers and start focusing on "attracting" more followers by engaging with your audience: repin, comment, like. Communication is crucial, that's why we call Pinterest a "social" platform.


If you need examples of quality pins, accounts and boards; have a look at this post.

A Question I've received:



Great article Ilja!
I totally agree with the followers part. I have an account which is only two weeks old, only 55 followers. But my Pinterest profile got yesterday more than 12.000 impressions and 3500 viewers. The same goes for my Pins, pinned from my website: yesterday 9000 impressions, 3000 viewers! The people that actually click on your image is way less, hope to increase the number of clicks soon.

It’s all about showing your audience quality content!

Question: Would you recommend a logo from your website as profile pic for you business account? Or just a “good looking fake” pic from someone behind the website?


It depends on what you are trying to establish.
Is your goal to create a brand or to be more of a blogger with review posts?
It all depends on how you want to sell your products… 

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