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Hi guys!

In this tutorial I'll be addressing the issue that has bothered me ever since I've launched the PinBot series, but I will also give you the wrench to fix the problem for your own business.
The problem is: "You're just playing around and not making money."


Before I tell you the solution, you need to understand how big Pinterest really is, how big it will get and how much potential you are just missing out on. From this article I found out:

“...the company (=Pinterest) expected revenues to jump to $90 million in 2015 — an impressive number, but not much considering that the baseline figure is 2014’s total of just $25 million. Pinterest forecasts its revenues will reach $2.8 billion by 2018.

But then I read the following line, and I was shocked:

“Barely one-half of top brands maintain branded Pinterest boards—and those that do are unsure what to post, collect few followers, and see little user interaction.”

What seemed to be self-evident to me, apparently was a mystery to others. And even big corporations are struggling with this, what a joke I say ! It's so simple to make a stable income from Pinterest traffic, but it's not easy. The only reason why it's not easy, just like in any other business, is that it requires patience, dedication and discipline. You will not get 10k real followers in a week (unless you're lucky or very smart). But it is very realistic to obtain that in 3 to 6 months.

You will not believe how many people reach out to me daily, asking me "can you help me get followers quick???", the only answer I can give them is to read this blog and learn from me; because what I did, you can do the same. "Success doesn't have an age." This means that if you apply the principles that gotten me +100k followers on a single account, then you can too, if you follow the same blueprint.

A blueprint is a guide, not a concrete step-by-step plan. A lot of you expect to be given a step-by-step plan (in the hope to get money out of it). I have good news for you: that's bull crap. A blueprint should be viewed as a list of chores and daily disciplines, that if carried out, will result in a certain reward. But you have to apply these disciplines to your own industry/niche/website. The reason is simple: what worked for my niche and followers, will NOT work for you, trust me because I've tried it. This is one of the reasons why most fail to make money, they  try to find a step-by-step guide and are too lazy to think outside the box (meaning: be creative).

Being creative doesn't mean doing rocket science; but it means that if someone told you that long email copies have a  higher conversion, then you should try the opposite instead!

Mantra #1: I will focus on the long term. I will not buy into get-rich-quick schemes, as they are a delusion.

I am not a fan of running +100 accounts, these days I run only 5 of my best accounts. But I am not telling that you shouldn't do it, you can do whatever you want to and I'll help you with that. However the problem is people are doing stupid shit without knowing what they are getting into. You will not believe how many people have bought PinBot and NEVER used Pinterest before ( I love you guys, and I have done my best to educate you so no offense ). But in order to make money, to build up your audience, you have to educate yourself.


Mantra #2: I will educate myself before wasting anyone's time and not doing what I don't know.

Now we come back to the real problem, you're just playing around and not making money. It's okay to try out new things to see what they have in store. But man... please do me a favor... there are thousands of people who jump from method to method weekly or even daily; and after 3 months they give up on their plan & go on with their mediocre life. A good rule of thumb is this: for every minute you invest in "working", get at least $1 in return for it. This doesn't include learning/studying, it is very important to educate yourself before you start working on a certain method; only when you know exactly what you need to do, then you may start (have a plan!). These days I am not starting any new projects before I've banked from the current ones, I will make sure I have a cash flow before moving on, sometimes it takes weeks or months, but what's the purpose of getting into something and getting nothing out of it? That's just stupid. So before you started reading this article, if you were the person who jumped from method to method in the hope of finding that wonderful method that will earn you $200/day with little effort on complete autopilot and without any investment; change yourself right now!


Mantra #3: I am here to make money, not to play around.

Nate Elliott wrote a very nice blog post about Pinterest and why most people fail to use it (read it here). But luckily for us, the reality of why most don't make a dime from Pinterest is because you expect to get rich over night. We have been given these great PPC platforms such as Facebook ads, Google Ads and Bing ads; where you can invest a small amount and have hundreds of visitors the next day.  We want things to come fast & easy, but everyone who's having a good ROI from paid ads knows that it's not what people think it is; it's a whole different game and it can get very , very, verryyy expensive if you're just playing around!

I am giving you my own blueprint below. This is not new information, you can find it scattered in my other posts; but I want you to start using the right tactics and stop crying about your accounts getting banned:


  1. This is not a churn-and-burn media; with Twitter or Instagram you can do that, but if your account gets banned, then you are losing; back to day 1. I still have my accounts from when I started and I only lost about two or three accounts in the past 5 years (and they were fresh accounts so no big deal). I have more than 50 accounts in sum total, and today I only manage 5 of them (each has over 100k followers); I focus on those that earn the most.
  2. How to get traffic? Get followers! Get an audience, get people who want to look at your profile & boards all day long. Work on your profile so that it looks better than anyone else's in your niche. Because if you are not the best, then what the heck are you doing?
  3. How to get followers? This is not Twitter or Instagram where you can follow a bunch of people and get a 40% returning followers. To get followers, you need to position yourself as the best & most beautiful/worthwhile account in your niche (see 2).
  4. How to make money? Either you're selling your own products, services or doing affiliates: you need to create a community for yourself. If you start by pushing products that nobody gives fuck about, then you are not going to get any sales! Stop thinking about yourself, nobody gives a fuck about your products, your services; only you do. In order to get traffic, in order for you to make sales you have to GIVE something of value first: in our case that means having great boards with beautiful pins so they can spend 3 hours of their day watching your stuff. You have to make them addicted to your stuff! Because if you do, then they will start paying attention to the 1% of the pins where you are promoting your own products/services. Who of us like banners or ads? Nobody right!?  I only like ads and banners from brands who I love & trust; that is why I buy their stuff. I don't buy their stuff because they have a good marketing campaign or they have good products; I buy stuff because that brand or company makes me feel like a king, I feel valued; that's why I buy.
  5. Don't be boring. Have a theme and don't be a copy-cat. I tell people to copy what other successful accounts are doing on Pinterest, that will help you get started, but that will not make you go big; if you keep copying then you will never be number one. At some point in time you will have to improvise & become creative; do something crazy and see how your followers react to that! So start by looking at other accounts in your niche, go back until the day of their very first pin, analyze it! Write things down, make sure you see through all of their tricks.
  6. Focus on quality. The money will come, the followers will come. Trust the process but don't rush it! Do you want to make a steady $100-200/day by spending 2 hours on Pinterest, for the next 5 years? If the answer is yes, then start applying what I've just told you. It's not rocket science, but the reason why you are not successful, and why even million-dollar companies fail is because they want to get ROI quick, they don't know these rules, they don't know that you have to give a lot before you can ask a penny.
  7. How long will it take to get $100/day realistically? It took me a month to get $10/day (back in 2011), so you may say it'll take 10 months; well maybe. There is such a thing as "luck" in this world, only the people who work a lot are considered "lucky" (study statistics if you don't know what I'm talking about). But to get to $100/day you'll need to be on Pinterest almost every single day, with a well laid out plan, daily to-do list, and in 10 months I guarantee you that you'll be making at least $100/day. You'll even have people begging you to grow their Pinterest profiles for $5000/mo; now you have a media business going.


This was your Monday morning inspirational read. I am sure you have a hundred questions right now, so post them in the comments below.




Can you recommend some super star pinterest accounts to watch and learn from? That would be a real shortcut for me! FItness and sports would be my preferred accounts to watch, but I can learn from others too.
Thanks for the article and reality check!

Hi Gina :)
There are soo many accounts out there, just take a couple random accounts that look legitimate and have at least 50k followers. It won’t take you more than 2 minutes to find them.

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