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We understand that support is part of the business. The process of providing great support while maintaining the software and keep adding new features, should be highly optimized! What we intend to create is a way for users to help users. This way you can get FASTER support from other Clicktrait users. It will also save us many hours, which we would use to create new features and tools for you guys.


  • Before starting a new thread, please have a look at the other threads. It is likely that someone else has the same issue as you, and in that thread you may read how to fix it.
  • Kindly do not email nor message us on Skype if you have a bug or problem with Clicktrait. Please us the Support method above.
  • You will definitely get a reply from us or other users to your question much FASTER!
  • Kindly provide screenshots to illustrate your problem or bug; this helps us a great deal to help you.
  • Kindly provide a step-by-step process which is causing the bug (cause and result). The more we know about your problem, the better and faster we can help.


If you've more personal questions then you can still contact us:

Drop us an email at , please do include your name.
Or reach out to the head of Clicktrait, ILYA Nevolin on Skype (id: healthchants )


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