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In version you can import accounts into PinBot 3.0 from the "tools" menu:


There are two accepted formats.

  1. CSV format: email,password,(optional)proxy-ip:port,(optional)proxy-user,(optional)proxy-pass
    Example of account with no proxy:,password1,,,
    Example of account with IP-auth proxy:,password1,,,
    Example of account with user/pass-auth proxy:,password1,,userx,passx 
  2. JSON format: you can import your PinBot 2.0 accounts, by importing the "ajsn.txt" file, which is located in your PinBot 2.0 directory.


Advanced JSON format: if you wish to import accounts using JSON format, then you have to use the following fields:

"Email": "",
"Password": "abc123",
"ValidProxy": false,
"WebProxy": null
"Email": "",
"Password": "abc456",
"ValidProxy": true,


From the JSON code above, we are adding two accounts, the second account has a proxy.

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