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I'm not going to bother you with affiliate nor CPA methods here.
But I will share my personal experience with a couple of clients just recently.


In the past two years, quite a lot of startups and small fashion brands reached out to me, asking to help them with social media marketing, Pinterest in particular.
I denied almost all of them, because what they were able to afford to pay wasn't worth my time, but there were two clients I did decide to help; not because of the money but I knew them personally. Both of them were starting their own fashion brands and selling mainly through their online store.

I will show you exactly how you can earn good money by being a social media professional. This can be a great help to those who're tired of playing the affiliate game, which I admit, isn't cut out for everyone. I see a lot people cry & die (mentally): they're not getting a single sale or no traffic at all. Well I can't help them beyond what's already written on here, BUT I can provide alternative solutions and methods!

The method that I'll be sharing below works every single time, 100% success guarantee. As long as you are able to send emails and know how-to communicate with people on a professional level. Will it be easy? Hell no, you will have to put in the hours in preparation and marketing; but hey, if you want to get rich overnight then go play the casino.

If you're reading this sentence, then I know you haven't closed the tab and went searching for "online casinos", lol. Let's get started then.


Business description

Your PRIMARY job is to GIVE value to another person. In return they will give you money, simple. Your value is to build & grow an account of another company/startup/entrepreneur. You don't need 5 years of experience, if you know how to use Pinterest and you are able to learn from my tutorials it will be MORE THAN ENOUGH. Do you need to get them 100k followers in 30 days? No. A more realistic goal is to get them 1-2k followers in a month, that is very doable!

How much should you charge? Well anything between $200 and $400 is a good starting point. If you get them 1500 followers and you charge $350, this comes down to 4 followers per dollar, no rocket science right?

How to find your first client?

There are endless possibilities, but the problem is this: 90% of the people who will try this method, will not persist after having contacted 5 people, maybe 6, if you have balls you'll email 7 people. But to be successful, you'll have to contact at least 30, 40 or even 50 people. But more importantly,  get them on Skype or Facebook or even on the phone. It's VERY important to have a personal conversation with that person, not just talk money/business, if they don't know you then they won't throw money at you. Got it?


Forget Freelancer and LinkedIn.
This is the SHORTEST method to getting long-terms clients QUICK, trust me, I know: 

  1. Start by browsing on forums (BlackHatWorld or WarriorForum in particular):
  2. STAY ACTIVE on those forums and STAY VERY VERY active in the social media categories, help other people, answer their questions DAILY. Because this very week you can stumble upon your first client, but if you insult them, you lose automatically. If someone is having a problem, send them a private message, ask them to add you on Skype or Facebook; look at their website /business; does it look worthy? If it does, start telling them what you would do, give them a few tips; if they start giving excuses tell them that you can help and RIGHT THERE you have an open window.
  3. Stay away from LinkedIn, Freelancer and other recruiting sites.
  4. Fiverr works, well back in 2011 it did at least. Stay away from it.
  5. PINTEREST ! Yes, you've heard it, why should we look beyond our marketplace to find clients lol. Did you know that almost 98% of all business accounts have their twitter/facebook/website/email in the description, and people don't use it properly? Gosh...

If I were YOU, then I would contact 50 companies from #5 (Pinterest). But you have to be careful, a lot of these companies already have someone in charge of their marketing. But there are many businesses who are run by only two or three people and they need a helping hand to scale up (that will be you).

How to sell your service?

Give something before asking something. If a random person came to you, asked you for $50 would you give it? Well hell no. But if a very good friend came and offers their help for your business, would you then give $50? I would be ashamed by not giving him/her a $20 bonus for coming to me lol, seriously. THIS IS THE EXACT, SAME, game we are playing right here.

Selling starts by giving:

  1. Talk to them, get to know them a little bit. Ask them how they are doing, how their day was, where they live, if they got kids (well don't  get too creepy here lol).
  2. Propose to help them for FREE. Get them 100 followers for free and they will be AMAZED by your quality of service. They will be ASHAMED by not paying you 200-400 USD. And all you did was play around on Pinterest, just couple hours per week.


Don't expect people to buy from you, if you are unknown. Nobody knows you, nobody gives a damn fly about you; but you can change the situation in less than 48 hours, I promise you, because I've done it. Give me an hour with a client and they are sold. Not because I'm a nice guy (I'm not) but I will show them that I care more about their success than they care about it themselves, no joke.

How to pitch

"Hello dear, my name is Anush, I offer Social media service, want to buy?"

Do not do this , please I'm begging you , do not do this!


But instead do it like this:

Hi bro!
How are you doing today?
I stumbled upon your website this morning, man it looks great! How long have you been running it?
I'd love to help you with marketing for free, would you mind a helping hand?


Not hard right? Selling is easy, you have to talk to people and you get paid. So  give it a shot, if u need any help or assistance let me know. If there's anything unclear post it in the comments below. :)



Hi Healzer,

How to give followers to that accounts without logging in their accounts?

Any idea?


Hi bro,

You will have to login into their accounts, you cannot just buy cheap & fake followers and expect to give a great service to your client.

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