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Amazing support tactics

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The reason businesses exist is to help people meet their 'needs' and 'desires'. And unless you're selling life necessities, then you're always selling desires first, not 'needs'. Secondly, who of us likes a seller who doesn't give a damn about his customers? The reason people buy is because they like the buying process (desire to spend money for instance). So your own success starts with your own positive attitude towards the customer.


When someone asks you questions, sends you an email or wants to chat, then you better be prepared to answer them damn quick!  Be very polite, authentic and helpful. If you can amaze the customer, then they'll definitely buy. Now let us look at some of the mistakes people make in sales, so you won't make them ever again.[

    Always greet the other person properly.
    Ask general questions: how are you doing today?
    If you've already communicated before, ask them for instance: how is your project going?
    Write a unique complimentary close: Take care!, Have a great day!, Cheers!
    It strongly depends who your customer is of course.
    Always leave your name, phone number, email and any other media by which they can contact you.
    Use a business email (eg.
    Please do never answer any email with just one or two lines of text, it's considered rude. The other person may think you don't give a damn about him/her. Take your time and give your email the proper attention.
    The content of your email should be very detailed. Don't consider someone's complaint or problem as a burden on your shoulders. You should take all responsibility to help them solve the problem. If you have to provide them screenshots to explain it, then do so. Provide them the necessary links to video's or tutorials they may have missed. Be very helpful.


Do not reply to any email or message when you're in a bad mood. Only reply when you have a positive state of mind. It's better to way a couple of hours or a few days after you had some drama happen to you. Because if you're angry, it will be reflected in your message and the customer can sense that. What's worse than a late reply; an angry reply. So it's not BS when psychologist tell you to take a few days off work, it will increase performance. By performance it doesn't actually mean you will be able to answer more emails, but that you will take more care of your communication with the customer. It takes only one customer well taken care of to make one sale.

For god's sake, please spell the name of the customer correctly. Especially if it's a foreign name, try to copy it from their original email and Google it. Make sure you know how to write and pronounce it. A person's name is their most valuable asset. And use their name instead of sir/mr/mrs, especailly after a couple of conversations with them. They will respect you way more for doing that. Appear to be their friend, we like friends, not salespeople.


Finally, unless you have no other choice, do not use a support system with tickets. It's the most distant and non-personal way of providing help, it's very cold. It may be an easy way for you to manage stuff, but it's disliked by almost everyone who needs immediate help. I use Google Mail (Gmail) for communication, and it's works like the best for me.

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