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Launching your first product

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By now you should have a certain niche in mind, in which you're interested. You don't have to be an expert at it, but something you're willing to work in.


Let's break this tutorial up in 4 parts:

    I don't have a product in mind, yet
    I have a product in mind
    The start

1. If you don't have a product in mind just yet then it's pretty simple to find one. You don't have to burn yourself out trying to think of something very unique and creative, that's what most people do. Trust me, it's not the best way.

Start by looking for companies in your niche (either big corporations or small scale entrepreneurs). Look at the products they are sellign and providing. Write things down on paper or in a notebook. Look what they have more than you would've thought of yourself. This way you can take bits from your competitors and build your own puzzle.


Start designing the product in mind and on paper: the core product/service that you'll be offering. And remember the things I've mentioned in the previous posts: what you offer should be a unique mix of components. This will make your product unique by default. In the case of PinBot, it was simply better and human support, but also a private blog with tutorials/guides for the specific money making method.

I've put this down very easily, so don't twist your head around things, keep them easy for yourself. So let me give you real-life examples:

    If my target is the fitness industry, especially overweight people who want to get shredded; then my core product would be (for instance) premium membership to my private blog. On the blog I would have dozens of workout plans and diets written by me. Additional products and lead magnets would be free PDF's, video tutorials on YouTube and helping other people out on social media or forums for free. This way I can build myself into an expert, and learn/earn as I go.
    Let's say I have a few friends who are very good at programming, photoshop and design. And my service would be to provide topnotch custom IT services. The core product/service is for the customers to freely and easily to be able to contact me, they can ask questions and get free consultancy. This way they will know you care more about them than their money, so they will trust you. And then I would be active on forums and help-blogs where people complain about questions relevant to my industry. Especially the business owners themselves and not the geeks (because they can do it themselves and usually don't like to outsource).

The core intention of launching products is to make a hell loads of money, but don't let it appear that way to the customer. It's important to put a mask on your face if you don't give a damn about other people but neither want to become a criminal.

2. So now that we have a product in mind we should start building a prototype or beta version for ourselves. This is most relevant if it's a product and not a service. The key thing is to test your product/service a dozen times to make sure it performs and brings in the results you'll be selling people on.

This is very industry specific, some people will have to write an e-book while others will have to build an entire software package from scratch. I cannot say how long it will take you, but a good rule is to not let it be more than a month to complete. So get started after reading this tutorial, and work on it as much as you can so you can get the beta version done ASAP.


Don't struggle with details, make it quick, do not try to make it the perfect product. This is a trap most people fall into. If you try to be perfect you will waste your time, end of story.

The key is to get feedback from other, honest, people. If you ignore this part, you may get unexpected criticism when you finally launch your product, and in most cases not close a single sale.

To sum this up: make a test product -> test it yourself -> give it away to others for testing -> get feedback -> apply the feedback & tweak your product

3. Don't wait until your product is ready before doing everything else.

Start building yourself a website/sales page. It will be the medium for selling your stuff. And as said before, don't worry about the technical difficulties if you're not tech savvy. If you don't know anything about order forms or how to accept payments, how to process orders, etc. It is something I can help you out with. I will provide you the necessary tutorials and code snippets to add to your website. This way you can rocket launch the website thing.

If you don't have the money to invest in a domain name or hosting for your website, get a free blogger or Wordpress website. As long as we can insert a PayPal pay-button on there, it will be a good start.

All the technical and design elements of building a sales page will be explained in another tutorial.


4. Start the promotion from day one.

Start marketing yourself and your product in your niche. This way you'll be known by your audience. And when it's time to launch your product, people will already have your respect. This is a crucial step that can save you a lot of time and worries along the way.

The specific process of marketing yourself, even if you don't have a product to sell yet, will be explained in the next tutorial.

The entire sales process consists of these 4 simple steps. And the beauty is that all of them can be performed simultaneously. From now on you will never have the excuse that there is no work to do, you will never have to be bored or to wait on someone else to deliver their part. You will take 100% ownership for your own success.

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