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#03 Running your campaign

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This will be a short tutorial because time is precious & money isn’t waiting for nobody. You have to start testing ASAP!

Once you’ve saved your campaign in the Editor page, head back to the campaigns page.
Here you can click the green “start” button for your newly added campaign. You will receive a confirmation dialog stating that you may not edit the campaign after starting it. You can always pause the campaign if you want to, but making changes will no longer be allowed. Double check your configuration before proceeding.


After starting your campaign, it automatically goes live. From this point onward, each visitor to your exact URL will be shown a random group-variation. The group number is saved in their browser, so the next time they visit they will see the same variation.

Every ten minutes, our servers process all of the events, do calculations and other fancy things. By clicking on the “pie” button on your campaigns page, you then are taken to the “results” page. This is where the magic becomes real.

The  “Group results” panel shows the campaign’s progress. Including details such as how many visitors it has tracked and the number of click-events on CTA(s).
The “Screenshots” panel will display a full-page screenshot of your page with the group variation applied, how cool right?


A few important notes to make:

  1. You may run multiple campaigns at once. The campaign and group id are both stored in the visitor’s cookies. Once a campaign has ended it will no longer be displayed to users. All returning visitors will be shown a random group from another active campaign (if there is one), otherwise the default website is shown.
  2. If you decide to pause all of your campaigns, then all the returning visitors will see the default website. If you re-start the campaign then all returning visitors will get see the group variation as stored in their cookies.
  3. The group and campaign cookies expire in 60 days, which is more than enough time to test simple MV and A/B campaigns.


If you have any questions or problems, leave them in the support section :)

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