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Scrape limit reached

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If you've used PinBot 2.0 for some time, you will most likely have encountered this message, what does it mean and what to do about it?



"Scrape Limit Reached" message means different things, depending on the feature it's  displayed for. It is NOT an error, it's just a reason why PinBot has stopped doing a specific task. Let me explain:

"Scrape limit reached" for:

  • Like,
    PinBot was unable to find any pins to 'like' by the queries you've entered in the configuration menu. If you've entered a long keyword such as "industrial applications for highly competitive markets" then you won't get (m)any results from Pinterest. Instead use shorter, more broader, keywords eg: "industrial applications". In case you are using custom lines, to like pins from another user's board (or any other) and you get the "scrape limit reached" message; this means PinBot has already liked all the pins from the results or the results are empty.


  • Follow,
    PinBot was unable to find any users by the queries you've entered OR no user's it found matched the enabled criteria. In most cases you should disable criteria filtering, if that does not solve it then it's most likely your queries causing it. The keyword can be too specific/long so broaden it. And if you're using custom lines, just as explained above, you may have already followed everyone from the lists or the lists are empty.


  • Unfollow,
    If you don't have enough followers and PinBot has already unfollowed everyone. If you don't have many followers it will show this message quickly.


  • Invite,
    PinBot has already tried inviting everyone following your selected boards. Or in case your selected board(s) doesn't have many followers, it will reach the end quickly. Make sure you're also following back those who're following your boards.


  • Repin,
    The same applies to this feature as I've explained for the "Like" feature.


  • Pin,
    PinBot uses external sites for scraping images for the Pin feature (not Those sources are mostly health/food/fashion related, so you won't easily find images with keywords related to motorcycles for instance. So if you have a "scrape limit reached" message here, it only means that your keyword is too long/specific or the niche isn't in abundance on the external source (use the Repin feature instead).


  • Comment
    The same applies to this feature as I've explained for the "Like" and "Repin" features.


I hope this clears up any confusion, in case something is unclear then just post it in the comments below.

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