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#02 Campaign management

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The real fun part starts here!

Once you’ve created your first campaign you are then redirected to the “Editor” page.
It will ask you to add one line of javascript code onto your web page. It is recommended to add it just before the </head> closing tag. But you may add it in the footer of your page as well.


Once you’ve add the code, wait for a couple of seconds and then reload the “Editor” page. The red warning message shouldn’t show up. But if it still does then you should contact us for support. Try clicking the “open in a new window” and see if you get the “Editor” mode that way.


A gif image showing how to work the Editor (click here).

The purpose of the “Editor” mode is that it allows you to select various elements on your website by left-clicking on them. Their HTML code is then added in boxes on the Editor page. You can edit the HTML code and define new variations for various elements. The original version will be used implicitly, so you don’t have to put it into a separate group; only new variations should have a new group.


You can add as many variations of a single element as you want to. But in reality you would want to limit the number of groups to 5. Because to have a successful test with a high statistical significance, you will need to drive 1000 visitors to each group, you’ll need 6000 visitors in total to complete your campaign. With 2 groups you only need 3000 visitors in total. If you have 100 visitors per day (which isn’t much) it will take you 30 days to complete your campaign.


Okay the final step is to define one (or more) Call to Actions (CTA’s) by right-clicking on an element. This is usually a subscribe button, buy button, an image button or a link to another page. All the clicks to your CTA(s) will be recorded. So in the end you can see exactly whether your new variations have had an impact on your visitors, and if so, which group had the biggest impact. Yes, even the slightest change of the color of a button can drastically improve your conversion rate!


Once you’re done, make sure to click “save”!

In the third tutorial I’ll show you how to start your campaign and analyze the results.

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