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Special: Scrape usernames and export

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We've implemented a brand new feature as suggested by one of our loyal members.

The "scrape usernames and export" feature allows you to scrape the usernames from various Pinterest links and export them to a file. This can be very useful if you wish to create a custom lists of people who do follow you back and aren't just "bots". It also contains more filters than seen on the "follow" feature, so you can filter out the (most likely) fake profiles.

How to use it:

1. Right click on the account which you would like to use to perform the search queries on. And click the feature's name from the menu: a new window shall open...


2. First you'll have to select a file (existing or non-existing), make sure the directory exists.
3. Enter the queries to search for, one per line. You may use only these four:
Make sure to change the underlined words by the effective id.

  • regular keyword
  • /username/followers/
  • /username/following/people/
  • /username/board/followers/

4. Enter any optional criteria, timeouts or limitations and hit start.

Warning: if you do not check "append to file", any existing file by the selected name will be overwritten.



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