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The 60 day Pinterest journey

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In this tutorial we’ll be looking into growing your online or offline business using Pinterest. Social media has a very high ROI  if it’s used correctly. Unfortunately 90% of the business in the marketplace don’t know what they are doing. I’ll show you exactly how Pinterest can get an extra few hundred daily visitors to your website.


A few hundred new visitors with a 10% conversion rate means at least 10 new clients daily. It is worth the investment of your time and effort to play this game right. I have focused on using the Amazon Affiliate program, thus I promoted Amazon’s products on my website for a commission. For each sale that I made I receive between 4 to 8.5% of the product’s price. If you have your own products or services then this will be even more lucrative for you.

Why Pinterest?

Below are some stats on Pinterest:

  • 70 million people use Pinterest
  • 48 million people are from the USA
  • 85% of them are women
  • 60% of these women own a credit card

This means another thing, people use Pinterest for inspiration on what to buy. Intentionally or unintentionally, but that’s a fact. This is the reason why Pinterest is an everlasting goldmine for companies.

Getting started

I have been tapping into Pinterest since 2011. However this guide is not intended to explain every detail of the process. You can read everything in my e-book. I tell you the tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts. Follow my process step-by-step and you’ll definitely have a solid foundation on Pinterest.
You can download the e-book here:

Case Study

This tutorial will be a case study for one of my own websites that I launched on the 1st of March 2015 and ran until 29th of April 2015 (exactly 60 days). You will see how I started, how my setup looks like, what niche I targeted, my statistics and earnings. Let’s now take a look how I started from day 1.

My first 3 days were like this:

  1. Buy a domain name (.com)
  2. Setup a website using WordPress on PowerUpHosting.
  3. Purchase E-commerce style template.
  4. Did some research for a niche I haven’t tried before: “hippy fashion” and “hippy clothing”
  5. Purchased few dozen stock pictures to decorate my website (slideshow, contact us, …)
  6. Always include a well-written Privacy Policy page (and Terms and Condition).
  7. Manually added 100 products from Amazon to my website.
    Each product has a buy button directly pointing to the affiliate link from Amazon.
  8. Some final touches, on-site SEO, cache optimization plugins and the site was done.
  9. Created a new Pinterest account.
  10. Wrote a description for my account, added my website to the profile and verified both.
  11. Created a profile picture for my account.
  12. Created 15 new boards the same day and manually repined niche relevant pins.
  13. Did a few dozen likes and comments.
  14. Followed 80 people from my niche (20 were businesses, 60 were regular users).

Day 4

  1. Installed PinBot 2.0 on my PowerUpHosting Windows VPS.
  2. Configured one campaign:
    1. Daily repin between 80 and 150 pins.
    2. Daily pin between 10 and 20 unique images.
    3. Daily follow between 20 and 50 users.
    4. Daily comment on between 20 and 30 pins.
    5. Daily like between 80 and 100 pins.
    6. Configured PinBot so it changes the Source Url of the pin/repin to my own url.
  3. Started running PinBot. I make sure all activity on Pinterest is being done in the evening
    (7 PM EST). That’s when most people are active on Pinterest and so is my exposure.


The beautify of Pinterest is that you don’t have to be a follow-spammer. As long as you repin quality material, other users start discovering your pins and start following you. Their followers also start noticing you. That’s how you grow exponentially.

Day 5 to 12

  1. Made sure PinBot was running daily and doing its thing.
  2. In the evenings I made sure no irrelevant/crappy pins were being posted, in that case I manually deleted them.

Google Analytics statistics on the 12th day:


Amazon Affiliate earnings on the 12th day:



Day 13 to 22:

  1. I’ve noticed that the bounce rate was relatively high. I made sure that there was enough content on the website to keep the user engaged. This means content to scroll and attractive pictures to make the user click-through.
  2. Doing the usual PinBot checks and manually inspecting the account for bad pins.
  3. Added 20 more products to my site and put these in the spotlight.
  4. Created 10 more boards in total.

Google Analytics statistics on the 22nd day:


Amazon Affiliate earnings on the 22nd day:


Day 23 to 60:

  1. March 1 to 31 were the same process as before.
  2. On the April 1 I added 30 new products to my website.

Changed up the layout, made it more user-friendly.

  1. On April 2 I created 5 new boards.
    I adjusted the campaign settings:
    1. Daily Follow between 60 and 80 users.
    2. Daily Comment on between 30 and 50 pins.
    3. Daily Like between 20 and 30 pins.
    4. Daily Repin between 70 and 90 pins.
    5. Daily Pin between 30 and 50 pins.
    6. Daily Invite between 10 and 20 users to those 5 new boards.
  2. In the third week of April I created 10 more boards.

Google Analytics statistics on the 60th day:


Amazon Affiliate earnings on the 60th day:



There are some details I have not mentioned. For instance I wasn’t working every day and I didn’t check the account’s pins every day. But I always made sure that whatever gets posted is being moderated by me. I do not allow any bad images being pinned or repined to any of my boards.


Migrated questions & answers:


Day 4: Configured PinBot so it changes the Source Url of the pin/repin to my own url. Question : What percentage did you set ?

For pins it was approx 80%; But for repins it was between 5 and 10%. You have to play it safe for repins, because lots of accounts get banned if you get reckless.


I’m confused, if you change the Source Url, then when someone clicks on the pin it goes to your website…which has nothing to do with the pin they just clicked. Doesn’t that annoy people and kinda defeat the whole point of Pinterest (i.e to be a social bookmarking site)?

Hi Emma,
I know what you mean. This has already been answered somewhere.

Anyways, as long as the content on the pin is relevant to what you’re selling on your website it won’t cause any frustration. If you’re mainly promoting dresses, and the user is unable to find that specific dress on your website, they’ll probably think it’s currently sold out and may even opt-in to your newsletter. But of course we may not mix up motorcycles with dresses, that wouldn’t make any sense.

Hope this lightens things up a bit? :)


Using one account?

Yes, I used only one account on a dedicated IP address.


Why do you use a dedicated account? Does that mean we should do this too?

Each website I promote has one business account associated with it. But what I meant by “dedicated IP address”: each account (if you have more than three), should be used on its own dedicated proxy (because a proxy is an IP Address).


Nice journey, I have few questions :
1. I have purchased pinbot 1, so can I get free update PinBot 2.0 or I must buy new license?
2. How much your investment for hosting and theme?
3. Can you give more details about how you post amazon products, whether images + brief description, can you please tell me about this because I have never had success using E-commerce style templates + amazon My amazon account has been closed in December (I lost about $500) , but I still have some other accounts and would like to start from scratch, and would be very happy if you can help

1. No you can use your existing license for PinBot 2.0, just download the trial and insert your license :)
2. Hosting 10$/mo and theme is something I purchased two years ago, I think it was 50$ on themeforest. But you can use free themes that work just as good.
3. Here’s an example website: In the description you can include a “buy” button with link to your amazon ref url. Hope this helps?


This is awesome.. I teach a course on using an Amazon course and affiliates and I really only make $100-200 a month with After reading your post I’m thinking my niche is not making me as much mostly due to having clothing not valued for a ton, lots of products are cheap! We also use your tool and last month I only got 338 visitors from Pinterest. I clearly need to be more aggresive with Pinbot!
Here are my questions:

1. Are you using WordPress with Prosociate? What are you using for the Amazon affiliate integration.
2. What are you paying for the VPS? Who do you host with?
3. Are you will to share the case study site? (Message me on Skype?)
4. What is the name of the theme you used?
5. What are the price ranges of your products?
6. How many followers do you have after 60 days? We have 6000+ now but that took me 2 years!
7. Did you only send traffic with Pinterest or did you do any other tactics, linkbuilding etc?

Hi John,

1) I add all the products manually, that’s my style. I don’t like to rely on third-party software to choose “good” products. But I love using WooCommerce, especially the affiliates integration plugin (gives an ecommerce style to your site).
2) they are reliable and affordable.
3) Visually it’s not much different from the skullclothing that you have, just different products.
4) I use various themes, I like the WooCommerce themes a lot (easy to use).
5) I like to play it between 30$ and 200$. Anything lower won’t be profitable, anything above won’t sell very well unless you know your market.
6) About 5k at the end of the journey. But these followers are not “so” important. I sent messages to get invited into some group boards in my niche, so that’s how I could expand quickly.
7) This journey was Pinterest only. But in general I try various methods, and focus on what works best.


Hey! Do you mind sharing how have you done the buy now link to point to Amazon? Just can’t get my head around it

Hey :)
You can use the WooCommerce Affiliates plugin. It works best if you also have an template/theme from WooCommerce themselves. It allows you to specify a custom button for each affiliate link.
Hope this helps


Hi Healzer, Loving this real example that is current and not out of date. ? You stated: “I sent messages to get invited into some group boards in my niche, so that’s how I could expand quickly.” Can you expand on this a bit? Could you point us in the right direction of where/how to get Pinterest accounts? I’ve recently purchased some but then Pinterest will sometimes ask me to reset my email. This creates a problem because then, I need to login to the email associated with Pinterest account created. But then the email wants to do a 2 step verification and want’s to send either a text or a code to the root email ‘not’ associated with Pinterest. Is this something you’d do using proxies and do it by hand? If so, are all of the accounts going to be rooted from one gmail let’s say so they can be verified through this whole process if it happens? Please help!

Hello! I hope you’re doing well :)

I’m not sure which strategy you are going to use but I don’t recommend having more than 5 accounts. I have built over a hundred accounts in my years but I’m only using 5-10 of them. Because I focus on those which have the most followers, that have the highest authority the niche, and I just ingore all other ones.

So if you’re completely new, get yourself one account and use it for a month, two or three. Try to get 5-10k followers for your niche because only those kind of numbers can get you the required traffic to make sales. And you can use Hotmail for emails, and sign up that way. If you buy accounts, those accounts were created by someone prolly in India and if you’re located in USA; once you login the Pinterest security protocol will detect something strange (your location shifted, and the IP is completely different from previous login) so it will put the account into a safe mode so, if you bought any accounts, I would just drop them and start with a fresh one.

If you are going to use proxies, make sure you have one dedicated proxy for each account. So whether you use PinBot, or doing it manually using a webbrowser, make sure to Always have the proxy enabled first, and then login. Also, make sure to clear cookies & all sessions (or use incognito) before you login into another account because that way Pinterest can also detect that you have multiple accounts and a reason for botting. Not a good thing :)
I hope this helps you a bit?


Hi Healzer, Quick question. did you spend a lot of time making up unique comments for the Pinbot? I’m lost for words as they are starting to sound very cheesy.

It comes natural to me.
There are also hundreds of sources from where you can download random replies & descriptions and use them for PinBot.


You use changing the Source Url for only one board or for all?

I do not limit it to one board, I do it for all. But only a certain ratio of pins gets an URL set.
Do not exaggerate with this, it may get your site blacklisted & account banned.


Can somebody tell me where I am going wrong? Here is the profile my bot uses: I run a site selling protein products but with pinterest, over the last week I have pinned/repinned 1300 different pins, I have followed over 600 people, I use the auto comment feature and I have 20 boards. I am making the most out of the bot but I’m not seeing any traffic and I’ve only been followed by 6 people? It doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m very techy and quite up to date with my social media knowledge, admittedly though, I’m new to pinterest and I’m in desperate need for some advice. Can somebody please help? Thanks

Hello Junior,

You cannot expect to make 100$ overnight, it’s not that kind of world :)
But the problem you have is, that at this moment you only have 13 followers. You should not expect to make any sales until you have at least 2000 followers. The whole point of social media marketing is to get as many followers as you can before promoting any website or product.
Hope this helps.


Absolutely, I’m more than happy to put hours/days/months in to this, I was just wondering if I was doing anything wrong? As I’m fairly new to pinterest, I’d just like to know if my boards look okay and that I’m following the right strategies. As I’m very used to twitter and could probably gain 200+ real followers daily, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to get the same sort of return on pinterest. Thanks J

Yea, Twitter was a different game. hehe :)

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