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#01 Getting started

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In this tutorial I’ll quickly show you how to get started on our A/B Testing platform.

First you’ll have to create a new account, just fill in your name, your email address and a password.


Once you’ve logged in successfully you will see a table, a text field asking for your URL and an “Add” button. Here you have to add the exact match URL of your web page which you’d like to test. Keep in mind that if your URL is using HTTPS or www. explicitly then you must specify that as well. After clicking “Add” you will be automatically taken to the “campaigns” page.


On the campaigns page you’ll have to create a new campaign, just name it “My first campaign” or something like that. The purpose of campaigns is to bundle, organize and separate tests and analyze results from each campaign. Each campaign can be a separate A/B test or MV test.

In the table you have buttons to delete the campaign, edit/view the tests, view the stats/results and start/pause the campaign. You also see the date + time when the campaign was created, when it finished (reached the max #sessions) and its current status.


In the next tutorial we’ll look into managing your first campaign.

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