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  1. Hello, now that there are Pinterst board sections, Pinbot AI 4.0 cannot post to them. When can we expect an update on this?
  2. Randomize Pinbot's Functions Hello, I'm currently observing Pinbot's Autopilot mode. I have both like and follow checked, and its not passed daily limit. Right now it is only liking posts. I would think that randomizing the functions would make the program seem more human like. (Humans will both like, follow, and post in randomized increments) I would love to see Pinbot preform it's functions in a random fashion. If this is avaiable already, please let me know Thanks Healzer!
  3. Data filtering When pinbot scrapes pins to repost, it can filter pins based on the amount of likes / repins to make sure we are only pinning the highest quality content.