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  1. Hi Healzer, Can you write more detailed tutorials on PinBotAI 4.0? I wasnt able to find much in the forum. For instance, I see the AI version has Timeout activity Timeout block Ave exec time for all actions (Pin, Repin, Like, Follow, Invite). 1. Can you explain what each one means? For instance, I dont know what "Timeout block" and "Avg exec. time" do. And what's the difference between Timeout "activity vs "block"? If you explain in more detail on what each setting means and does, it would be great. I am really confused on what they do and what number to put right now, since it is different from Pinbot 3. 2. What's the recommended settings for the following: (A) Using different actions (Pin, Repin, Like, etc) and (B) Using only one or two actions (Pin and Like, for instance)? (2-A) Recommended setting for using many different actions Timeout activity: Timeout block: Ave exec time: (2-B) Recommended setting for using only one or two actions (Pin and Like, as an example) Timeout activity: Timeout block: Ave exec time: 3. I noticed the setting for "between X and X pins" is no longer available and I am concerned. All the actions (Pin, Repin, Like, Follow, Invite) now only has a daily limit, instead of "between X and X pins" (Pinbot 3). How does this work? For instance, I don't want to "PIN" 70 pins every single day. In order to make it natural, the PIN # has to be randomized (ex: 70 day one, 55 day two, etc). Is there any setting for "between X and X pins" for PinBotAI? If not, this is an important feature to add 4. What If you don't run Pinbot 24/7? It looks like PinbotAI is more focused on users who run the software 24/7 (= autopiloting) What if you run it manually at a certain time of the day? Not everyone uses VPS to run PinBot all day. And it's not practical to leave the software running if you use it on a local desktop. Is there any adjustment I need to make in this case (Especially the clock pie chart? Is there any way to adjust the preset green blocks to 4pm-8pm for instance? Which will work better for manual Pinbot users) Thanks
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    So glad you guys decided to open a forum! :-) Love Pinbot!