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  1. on their order page, you click the 'satisfaction guaranteed' icon, it will pop up an alert "Order Today With Confidence. Complete your order today and if for any reason you don't absolutely love this product within the next 14 days, we'll refund you NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Send a refund request to support@pinteresttools.com." and just send email to them. Actually 2 days passed i still don't get any replies from them.
  2. i am not far from ban.. after i tried log in with pinbot, my account was suspended and then i wrote email to get it back. You could try talk to them as well, good luck.
  3. i have contact their help desk and they says and they suggest to try on MAC, which i did. still can't log in. having JRE 8 and JDK installed correctly. now i just waiting for my refund...
  4. actually i have the same problem, but I could log in via website access and post pins, repin which means my account is not suspended. So is there any other explanation for this error?