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    Question about Following

    This might sound weird but how do I follow people? On Pinbot 3, I had a separate section where I could type in keywords that I wanted to follow. Now with Ai, I have to use the same keywords that I scrape images for? And I have to go to the board and scrape through there? I just don't get it. It makes no sense for me to follow the same keywords that I'm scraping images for because those people are authority profiles that tend to be my competition. For instance, if my niche is bikinis, there isn't going to be a user with name bikini so I just end up following bigger bikini profiles that are competing with me.
  2. red2tango

    PinBotAI configuration

    Thanks for the guide
  3. When I ran Pinbot 3, it was very self explanatory and I felt like the autopilot actually worked really well. I can't say the same thing for Ai at all. On Pinbot 3, I wanted to select which pins I wanted to scrape per board and it did what I asked it to. I could then switch over to the Follow function, input keywords or followers of people that I wanted to follow, as well as put any filters and I could get it to work and on autopilot with everything else. I could also set up times for that function to work and when to set the other functions. With Pinbot Ai, it seems like everything is compacted together into a non-understandable program that doesn't work properly, or isn't as efficient as Pinbot 3. Very disappointed that I can't go back as Pinbot 3 feels like it accomplished more and was better organized.