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  1. Startup fail

    So which directory do I have to run from?
  2. Startup fail

    I got problem when starting it.
  3. #163 AR Error

    me too
  4. PinBotAI official sales page

    This is a tool. So If I don't you the current PC anymore. I buy a new commputer, I have to buy Pinbot again ?
  5. Follow Feature Repetition

    When I scrape followers from an user like : chiquaqua38934. It has 32k followers. Everytime I scrape, I want following 60. Then I stop. After that, I want another 60 from that user. I scrape again, but I get the same 60 people from the last one. So, if I start following, I get nothing ?
  6. Configuring Commenting in InstaQ

    please explain - thanks
  7. User Manual

    Buy their book