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    Hello from london

    Welcome! Nice to have you guys here!
  2. Normicz

    #04 Become an affiliate

    Click on Affiliates in the navigation menu. This will take you to the application page. Fill this application in with as much information about yourself and how you'll promote Clicktrait. Once you've submitted your application it will take us 1-2 days to review and reply to it. If your application got accepted then you'll receive an affiliate link. People must click on that specific link once in order for you to receive a % of what they've bought. You can find this link on the "Affiliates" page in the "Your details" section. There you also have to fill in your Paypal email so we can give you your fair share. You'll also see a summary of how you're doing so far. Total revenue: Money you've earned so far. Total PRO sign-ups: Number of people that signed up for PRO. Total clicks: Number of people that've clicked on your affiliate URL. Total free sign-ups: Number of people that signed up to Clicktrait. Total payments received: Amount of money we have sent you. Refunds: Number of people that asked for a refund. (when someone asks for a refund, the amount is subtracted from total revenue)
  3. Normicz

    Affiliate + PRO-trial

    Since today we've added a PRO-trial and an affiliates program! Here follows some information: PRO-trial To start your trial click on "My Plan" on the Clicktrait navigation menu. Upgrade your account to PRO status for 30 days for free! No credit card and no additional information required. After 30 days you may continue using Clicktrait free or upgrade to PRO. The VIP membership is not included in this PRO trial. You may upgrade to the paid PRO plan at any time. When you've succesfully started the trial you will see a days-left counter on the top-right of your dashboard: Affiliates To become an affiliate you'll have to send an application on the "Affiliates" page. Use the form to apply and we will review your application and reply to you in 1-2 days. Please give as much information about yourself as possible (including the URL(s) to your website(s), if you have any). Read the Terms and Conditions for affiliates here: With the affiliates dashboard you'll be able to see the following: Total revenue PRO sign-ups Clicks Free sign-ups Payments received Refunds This is how the dashboard looks like:
  4. Hello, The "35" you see in the URL means it is the 35th post on the forum. This has nothing to do with the content itself.
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    GENERAL On how many pages can I use Clicktrait? Members in the free plan can only add two pages to Clicktrait. PRO members are able to add an unlimited amount of pages. How many campaigns can I make? FREE and PRO members can create an unlimited amount of campaigns per page How many visitors does Clicktrait analyze? Members in the free plan can only analyze and track 100 visitors per group. PRO members can analyze and track to 1000 visitors per group. Where is the campaign page? When you’ve added a page to “My pages”, simply click on a link. Are there any requirements for Clicktrait? You must be able to add the javascript code and to add javascript code you'll either need FTP access to your website if it's custom made. You need a very basic knowledge of HTML code. And your website needs to have sufficient amount of traffic in order to work efficiently. Do I get VIP forum access when using Clicktrait's 30-day PRO trial? No, you will not have VIP access. You may at any point during your trial upgrade to full trial by making a payment. I am PRO, how do I get VIP access? Contact us by email, Skype or send us a message on this forum and include your forum name, we will verify and upgrade you to VIP status. What happens to my VIP status if I cancel Clicktrait PRO plan? Your account will remain on VIP, you will not be downgraded. This policy may change in the future, but right now you can enjoy such a luxury. HOW TO's How do I choose on my page what I want to test? In the editor you’ll see your page. There you can choose your elements. Left-click to select an A/B element, right-click for CTA. How do I keep track of my campaign? On the campaign page you’ll find underneath “Actions” the option to “analyze campaign” (Green background with white circle graphic) I'm using a CMS like wordpress, am I able to use Clicktrait? Yes, use this plugin to add custom JS code. Plugin page Will Clicktrait's javascript code slow down my website? No it won't because it loads asynchronously. The total loading time will increase a few milliseconds, but that's not a big deal. May I purchase Clicktrait PRO and use it for our entire organization? As long as you are the sole person working on it at any given point in time, then yes. But it won't work for multiple users simultaneously using one account. PAYMENT How can I cancel my pre-approved payments? You’ll have to change your subscription through your payment processor. In most cases this is PayPal account which we would like to refer you to this: Cancel subscription through PayPal If I cancel my PRO subscription midway, will I lose it? No, the subscription expires 30 days after purchasing, so you will still enjoy all its perks until the end of your term, then your account will be on the free plan. Will my camapigns / websites be deleted if I downgrade? No they be hidden and only the two most recent ones will be displayed. SUPPORT Where can I ask questions that I wouldn’t like to share on the forum? Drop us an email at, please do include your name. Or reach out to the head of Clicktrait, ILYA Nevolin on Skype (id: healthchants)
  6. Normicz

    Accuracy A/B testing

    Hello MrFlubbs! The more visitors you've the more accurate a test'll be. You could make a conclusion with only 100 visitors but the test will be more precisely with a 1000. If you've 2 versions and they have a CTR of 90% (group A) and 10% (group B) with each 50 visitors, then you could conclude that version A would be the better one. But if it would be 60-40 then it's better to run the test on more visitors since there is only a difference of 10 people that clicked through. We do recommend to take your time in running these tests to receive valid results. If you've any further questions, please feel free to ask them!
  7. Normicz

    Very low conversion rate problem

    If it is a page that isn't linked to any others: The best strategy is to test one thing at a time. The more traffic results in a better valid result. So it's better to divide the visitors by 2 versions instead of 3 versions. The more versions you’re adding to a single page, the lesser amount of traffic each version will receive. 100 visitors with 2 versions -> 50% per version = you'll see a valid result after some time. But if you test 3 versions then it would be 33% per version so you would need more time to see a clear result. If a page is linked to others: Try to optimize the page with the most traffic (homepage for ex.) because it'll automatically improve the traffic on other pages from your website. When you get more traffic on those, then you can start running tests on them.
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    Saying Hello!

  9. Normicz

    Very low conversion rate problem

    Start some A/B tests on items that stand out. Such as: Huge text blocks, pictures, logos, background,... If the eye is pleased then they'll stay a bit longer which could lead into more sales!
  10. Normicz

    How can Clicktrait help me?

    Hey Strongliquor! You don't need a budget or be good at programming or photoshop to get the best out of Clicktrait! Your conversion rate is not only based on pictures. Changing a word could have a big effect on your conversion rate! For example changing your title of your page could make a difference: "Buy these beautiful clothes!" to "Buy these amazing clothes!" Set a campaign and you'll find out what gives you more clients! This method works for colors, fonts,... on your website No budget or skills needed!
  11. Normicz


    Welcome Lynn!