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  1. What does it mean when you configure the commenting to: Action limit: # to #... does that mean the total amount of comments in specific time or ? Please explain. Thanks!
  2. update for IntaQ

    Where can I get the new update? It shows I have the latest but I'm still having issues with non-stop commenting.
  3. InstaQ Beta Release

    I have updated it and it still does it for one account and not the other.
  4. InstaQ Beta Release

    I've tried the comment feature now a few times and it does over 500+ when I put in 0-30 or so?
  5. limits for configuration

    Also curious what it means for timeout activity? the limits are in seconds or?
  6. limits for configuration

    What are the limits for instagram on liking, following etc per day? That we can configure and use in this?